Here, Internet: Bernie Sanders at a Giant Ben & Jerry's Podium

The Vermont senator was speaking at the Ben and Jerry's factory.


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was photographed Friday delivering a speech from within a giant Ben and Jerry’s ice cream half-pint. Sanders, he of the dankest memes, had a 2016 full of high highs and low lows, but this image should lift the spirits of anyone who spent an unhealthy amount of time consuming Sanders memes in the past year.

About this photo: Sanders was speaking at the Ben and Jerry’s factory in his home state of Vermont. Consistent with the brand’s lighthearted but earnest humor, Sanders delivered his remarks from within a giant ice cream carton. It was labeled Euphoric Stuff — not an official Ben and Jerry’s flavor and likely a not-so-subtle reference to the state of Vermont’s love of Senator Sanders.

The resulting picture seems tailor-made for the internet. It’s one that many will likely be glad to have. Sanders is known for his energy, seriousness, and tendency toward gesticulation when he speaks, so the sight of all that popping out of a bunch of ice cream makes for a fantastic contrast. Adding to the almost cartoony vibe of the image are the Ben and Jerry’s employees, most still in their hairnets as they listen to Sanders speak.

The actual subject matter of Sanders’s speech, however, wasn’t cartoonish at all. According to the Ben and Jerry’s Twitter, Sanders focused on fossil fuels, clean energy, and climate change, issues that he frequently brings to the fore.

It’s no surprise that Ben and Jerry’s would invite Sanders to speak at their factory, either. During the 2016 primaries, the company founders were unabashed in their support for their senator, even going so far as to release an unofficial ice cream flavor, called Bernie’s Yearning, dedicated to him.


For a politician who is already largely adored among the people of The Internet, this endearing picture of Bernie popping out of some ice cream is likely to keep that trend going.

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