Explaining That 'Power Rangers' End Credits Scene


The Power Rangers are back! The new reboot movie, Saban’s Power Rangers from Lionsgate, reinvigorates the ‘90s superheroes for the 21st century. In a world dominated by Marvel and DC, the Power Rangers have their own expansive universe that the new film is setting up for audiences to explore. As is standard procedure now, a mid-credits scene sets up the next film, provided there are enough audiences flocking to theaters this weekend.

Spoilers for Power Rangers are below.

At the end of Power Rangers, Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) has been dealt with and Angel Grove goes back to normal — or at least as normal as things can get. The Rangers resume their normal, humdrum lives as rebellious students of Angel Grove High School, with the film ending on yet another Saturday detention. That’s when the credits roll for a few minutes, until the movie returns to the attending teacher doing roll call, who mentions a familiar name: Tommy Oliver.

Jason (Dacre Montgomery) looks behind him, and the camera takes his POV and closes in on an empty chair with a dark green jacket draped over the chair.

The name alone might have sent the most hardcore and nostalgic fans into a frenzy, but for those unfamiliar: Tommy Oliver was the iconic Green Power Ranger who joins the team as its sixth member in the epic, five-part episode “Green With Evil.” Portrayed by Jason David Frank, Tommy was the peak ‘90s archetype of the cool outsider personified. At first, he kicked the Power Rangers’ asses as an evil henchman controlled by Rita Repulsa, but Jason broke the spell, freeing Tommy from Rita’s grasp before inviting him to join their team.

Tommy and his Green Ranger alter-ego are one of the most memorable things from the franchise. He’s like the Wolverine for the Power Rangers; a badass loner with a sleek costume who is popular enough to stand on his own. Tommy became a leading character in the show, upgrading to the White Ranger and later the Red Ranger in 1996’s Power Rangers Zeo. In 2004, Frank reprised his role and became the Black Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Frank wore his green spandex again for a cameo in 2014’s Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

Frank also wore his Green Ranger costume again for the popular Super Power Beat Down web-series, fighting against Ryu from Capcom’s Street Fighter video games.

While the producers of Power Rangers have plotted out a six-film saga of the franchise, there’s no official word on the sequel right now. But the film did have some popular fan theories prove true: Rita Repulsa was the original Green Ranger and held the green Power Coin in her staff. Shortly before the film’s premiere on Thursday, the film’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts shared a GIF of Rita’s Green Ranger helmet.

But no matter how strong Rita Repulsa’s might may be, only the worldwide domestic gross will decide the fate of the Power Rangers.

Saban’s Power Rangers is in theaters now.

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