Finn Will Say This Crazy 'Star Wars' Word in 'The Last Jedi' 

One insane-sounding science fiction word will be 100% uttered by Finn in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The word is “bio-hexacrypt,” but what the hell does it mean and in what context will Finn say this word?

On March 5, John Boyega posted a photo on his Instagram of himself pointing at a gag-gift from Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. The gift is a framed picture of Finn seemingly at his wit’s end with the word “bio-hexacrypt” written underneath. Boyega references this as a nod to his “frustration with complex Star Wars lingo.” Obviously, this is great and John Boyega’s Instagram continues to be endearing, but this also seemingly confirms a word Finn will have to say at least once during the story of the new movie.

There has never been a “bio-hexacrypt” in Star Wars before. There’s no entry for the term on Wookieepedia or StarWars.com. That means that whatever this is, it’s a new concept to Star Wars.

Because the term has both the word “bio” and “crypt” in it, it seems like it has something to do with some kind of code. Could a bio-hexacrypt be a cipher embedded into some kind of biological tissue? While some are pointing out there’s a lot of weird words in Star Wars, for now, bio-hexacrypt sounds a little more like some technobabble that Data might have spouted in Star Trek: The Next Generation. If it is a reference to a secret code, this word could lend credence to the rumor that Finn will be on a spy mission in The Last Jedi.

As Boyega points out, everyone will “find out more later,” when trailers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi start popping up some time around the Star Wars Celebration next month.


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