Ryan Reynolds Releases New 'Deadpool 2' Teaser

With the wide release of Logan this week, rumors circulated about a Deadpool 2 teaser airing before the feature. Since the film’s premiere, Ryan Reynolds has done us a great favor by sharing the teaser on the internet. Now you don’t have to watch it on someone’s Snapchat story.

The trailer begins with Reynolds as Wade Wilson walking down a city street. He spots a man with a gun mugging an older man in an alley, and he leaps into action. The shot widens to show him in front of a theater that’s showing Logan. He dashes to a phone booth and struggles to get inside with his backpack. Once he’s in, he evokes a stumbling, nervous Superman as he awkwardly changes out of his street clothes and into his signature Deadpool getup. At one point Wilson drops his pants and treats the audience to a pressed ham. He then wrestles his outfit on, dual katanas and all, rocking the tiny phone booth on its foundation. In classic Deadpool fashion, he chooses this highly inappropriate moment to drop a dime and make a quick phone call.

All the while, the audience can hear the cries of distress from the old man being mugged in the background.

He eventually emerges, but he’s … a little too late. Of course, there’s the Stan Lee cameo followed by Wade Wilson’s glib, introspective monologue set to Hans Zimmer’s “You’re So Cool,” the theme from True Romance.