There's an Extra, Secret Scene With a Very Special Cameo in 'Logan'

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Hugh Jackman’s moving, R-rated final outing as Wolverine is now in theaters. Ahead of the its release, fans were wondering if there would be a Logan post-credits scene and were picking apart rumors, wondering if we’d be seeing any other familiar faces beyond Logan and Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. Well, it turns out that there’s an extra scene at the beginning of the film that wasn’t included in early press previews, and another Marvel character does appear in Logan … kind of.

Seriously, in-depth spoilers for the extra Logan scene are below. Read ahead at your own risk.

Yep, it’s Deadpool. Technically, he’s not really in the movie. As Ryan Reynolds explained, Deadpool’s irreverence wouldn’t fit well with Logan’s mature tone. The two never interact or anything. Instead, the Merc with a Mouth appears in a self-contained short that’s basically a preview for Deadpool 2. Here’s what happens (and, again spoilers if you don’t want the scene described for you):

The scene opens with Reynold’s Wade Wilson walking down an empty, trash-ridden street in a hoodie while listening to “Angel of the Morning” on his headphones. He sees a dude holding an old man at gun point. But, instead of calling the police, the Superman theme starts to play and Wade rushes to a dirty phone booth across the street. The phrase “Nathan Summers coming soon” is written in sharpie on the side of the phone booth — Nathan Summers, of course, is the real name of the yet-to-be-cast X-Men character Cable.

Wade spends a solid minute in the phone booth — long enough that it gets really awkward, of course — changing into his Deadpool costume. His naked butt presses up against the window, naturally. (The man who is being held at gunpoint has been screaming this whole time.) Deadpool finally manages to struggle out of the phone booth in his full outfit, just in time to hear a gunshot. Deadpool freezes before rushing to the scene of the crime to find the dude dead in the alley.

“Well, shit,” he says, casually apologizing. Wade remarks that he should have used his cell phone to call the police instead, then lies down in the alley with his head propped on the dead dude’s chest. That’s when he discovers that the dead man’s groceries, which are strewn everywhere in the alley, included a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. As Wade starts eating the ice cream, the camera pans out, and a phrase flashes on the screen:

“Deadpool … coming … not soon enough.”

Ain't he a stinker?

20th Century Fox

Logan is now in theaters. Deadpool 2 will be in theaters, well, not soon enough.

Caitlin Busch contributed reporting to this story.