'Deadpool 2' Teaser Has Audiences Delighted and Confused

Marvel Comics

After much speculation and promises from 20th Century Fox that there wasn’t an after-credits scene for Logan, Hugh Jackman’s last run as Wolverine, audiences finally got a definitive answer on March 3. Or, at least, some of them did.

This post contains spoilers (kind of). Not really. But kind of.

So the answer to whether or not there’s a Deadpool 2 teaser within the confines of Logan is… yes. However, it’s before Logan starts, acting as a sort of extra trailer before the real beginning of the movie.

Twitter saw two reactions after Logan premiered in the United States on March 3 (which means the earliest public screenings were on the evening of March 2): delight and confusion. U.S. audiences, overall, loved the Deadpool 2 teaser that played before the beginning of Logan. The teaser was a fun, light-hearted palate cleanser to look back on after the tear-jerker that was the entirety of Logan.

But non-U.S. audiences weren’t treated to said pre-Logan Deadpool 2 teaser. And a lot of people weren’t too happy about that. Why did only U.S. audiences get a laugh from Wade Wilson?

But for Wolverine fans lucky enough to live in the U.S., they really, really liked the teaser. Some even liked it better than the entirety of Logan.

Logan (and the Deadpool 2 teaser) are now in some theaters.

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