Tesla and SpaceX Join Opposition to Trump's Muslim Ban

Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

Both of Silicon Valley kingpin Elon Musk’s major companies, Tesla and SpaceX, are joining the amicus brief filed by over a hundred tech companies in support of the States of Washington and Minnesota’s legal action against President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk hasn’t exactly been consistent or unwavering in his opposition to the President’s controversial policies in the past two weeks, preferring to work from the inside of the president’s Strategic and Policy forum and Business Council rather than cut ties altogether like Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. But when the open amicus brief — a non-lawsuit legal document filed by applicants with a strong interest in a legal matter — first surfaced Monday morning, a Tesla spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that it “insisted on being added.” Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber, and Twitter were already on board, and are probably saying “welcome to the party” right about now.

The tech companies’ amicus brief, filed in the early hours of Monday morning, is a public statement of support for the federal courts in Washington and Montana who issued a stay on Trump’s highly controversial, and possibly unconstitutional ban on immigrants and travelers from seven primarily Muslim nations (none of whom have been involved in terrorist attacks on American soil since 9/11).

Apparently, Tesla didn’t immediately get the memo but managed to jump on the now 127-company-strong bandwagon in support of litigation blocking the President’s executive order later in the day on Monday. The party is BYOL (Bring Your Own Lawyer), but it looks to be pretty lit so far.

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