Turns Out, The Dominators Invaded Because of Flashpoint

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When Barry Allen went back in time to stop his mother’s murder by the Reverse-Flash, little did he know his actions would ripple across space and time — somewhat literally. In the final episode of the CW’s blockbuster crossover “Invasion!” on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the heroes learned Barry Allen’s manipulation of the timeline — called Flashpoint — broke a 60-year truce between Earth (brokered by ultra-secret G-men) and the “so-called” Dominators.

So, once again, everything is Barry’s fault.

After beating up a bunch of anonymous suits, the heroes — the Flash (Grant Gustin), Green Arrow (Stephen Amell), White Canary (Caity Lotz), and the Atom (Brandon Routh) — corner the unnamed leader of the G-men, known only as “Glasses” according to producer Marc Guggenheim. When they tell him to send the Dominators back like they did in 1951 — which is when and where some of the Legends traveled back to during the crossover — Glasses tells them that was “only just a reconnaissance mission.”

“What brought them back?” asks the Flash. “You did, Mr. Allen,” Glasses says. They’re shocked: He knows their identities, and he knows all about Flashpoint. Somehow, someway, the Dominators just know.

“You threatened the entire universe, when you used your powers to upset the normal course of time.”

When Barry argues that it was a mistake and he won’t let it happen again, Glasses tells him it’s too late. “For the past 60 years we have enjoyed a truce with your so-called Dominators. You broke the truce.”

Glasses then explains that all the Dominators want are Barry Allen, who has proved that meta-humans are a threat to the natural course to the universe. (They are unnatural and created by tampered science, after all, so they have a point). The Dominators will leave humans alone if they take Barry, which brings the DC heroes to blows against the Dominators.

It’s still not entirely clear exactly why the Dominators want Barry and what they would do with him. It’s also unknown what kind of authority the Dominators have over the precious “natural course” of the universe, especially since there appeared to be a lack of central leadership among them. Perhaps the Dominators were working on behalf of someone, or something else, even more powerful.

Welcome to the Arrowverse: It’s only getting bigger.

The Flash airs Tuesdays and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays on the CW.

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