The Mysterious Wyatt on 'Westworld' Is Probably Dolores


As Season 1 of Westworld winds down, fan theories have been confirmed faster than Lee Sizemore can spew douchey comments. But one new theory casts Dolores’s role in the story in a new light: She could very well be the mysterious Wyatt.

INSIDER’s Kim Renfro posits that the Wyatt narrative Ford assigns to Teddy is simply a retelling of the incident that led to Dolores killing Arnold 35 years ago. Recall that Ford remarks that the tale is fiction rooted in truth.

The theory builds off of parallels the show has revealed between Dolores and Wyatt, including Dolores’s frequent flashbacks to the church town, Teddy’s sentiments that Wyatt heard “the voice of God” — just like Dolores hears Arnold’s voice — and Teddy’s flashback in the sixth episode that showed him shooting civilians, which counters the good ol’ boy image he’s been saddled with. It’s clear that there’s a close relationship between Teddy and Wyatt, just as there is between Teddy and Dolores.

But onscreen parallels aside, there’s another major piece of evidence supporting this theory: Westworld creator Jonathan Nolan’s previous work. Between multiple timelines and characters with mysterious tattoos, he’s shown an inclination towards revisiting many of the motifs in Memento.

In Memento, protagonist Leonard (Guy Pearce) has frequent flashbacks to a man named Sammy Jankis who is suffering from memory problems.

Ultimately, it is revealed that while Jankis was a real person, his narrative is Leonard’s projection of his own story. This allows the movie to use a different actor than Pearce (Stephen Tobolowsky) during the Jankis scenes keep the audience on our toes. Sound familiar?

Sorin Brouwers as "Wyatt" 


We see “Wyatt” as actor Sorin Brouwers rather than Evan Rachel Wood — but it would be entirely Nolan-eque to reveal a connection. A gender-bent onscreen image of Wyatt throws us off, but Westworld has already shown an inclination towards shrugging off traditional gender conventions.

We’ll find out for sure in the Season 1 finale. Until then, it doesn’t look like anything to me.