The Lannisters Will Sack Highgarden in 'GoT' Season 7


Now that Jon Snow is back from the dead, he’s finally starting to know something — but in Game of Thrones Season 7, Queen Cersei might just ensure that he continues to know nothing.

Game of Thrones fans, turn back now if you are spoiler-shy. The sassy Queen of Thorns might be the last Tyrell standing after Cersei’s turn as Mad Queen at the end of Game of Thrones Season 6 saw Margaery, Loras, and Mace go up in flames — but we haven’t seen the last of House Tyrell. In fact, Season 7 might show more of it than we’ve ever seen before. A new set report has two intriguing new locations for Season 7: Lannister stronghold, Casterly Rock and Tyrell home, Highgarden.

Although we’ve seen countless references to both locations, we have never seen either appear onscreen before. This is as big as it will be when we finally see Rhaegar Targaryen onscreen.

But the most intriguing implication is what this means for the balance of power in Westeros. Although we know that Jon and Daenerys will meet at former Targaryen stronghold, Dragonstone, don’t discount the power and wrath of Queen Cersei. It could be a long time before they wrestle it from her.

The set report posits that the Lannisters will sack Highgarden. This not only affirms Lannister authority, but it will allow Cersei’s forces to control the important crossroads Highgarden presides over, where the Ocean Road meets the Roseroad. The latter extends into Oldtown, where the Citadel is. If Sam discovers important information about the cure to Greyscale or Jon Snow’s true parents, and wants to deliver the news in person, then, he could find himself intercepted by Lannister forces.

Then again, perhaps Sam will once again find some latent badassery within himself and come through for Jon.

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