'Game of Thrones' Just Hinted At Cersei's Future As The Mad Queen 

The most recent 'Game of Thrones' episode foreshadowed yet another fan theory about Cersei and Jaime. 


Technically it’s the mad Queen Mother, as Margaery Tyrell is the queen, but the sentiment remains: for years now, fans have theorized that Cersei will emulate The Mad King and try to burn King’s Landing and all its citizens. And in the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, the show dropped a big hint at that outcome.

Let’s back up and discuss why Cersei might go nuts and burn the city.

The Mad Queen

As Lady Olenna says, Cersei Lannister has never been half as smart as she thinks she is. Her main attributes are ambition, ruthlessness, and loyalty to her children. She’s not dumb, but as seen by the minor fact that she enabled the High Sparrow’s rise to power, her fatal flaw is overestimating herself and creating enemies everywhere. In “The Broken Man,” Lady Olenna says to her, “You’re surrounded by enemies. Will you kill them all yourself?”

Cersei has previously spoken about burning her enemies. So, in a word: Yes! Burning her enemies is something Cersei would absolutely do, and she’s grown increasingly unstable as her allies abandon her. Recall in “Blood of My Blood” Bran’s vision includes a burning path of green wildfire. The Mad King never did get around to setting it off, which means that part of the vision was likely of the future.

"Burn them all!"

The Valonquor

Game of Thrones will reportedly have one more big twist, with the previous two being Shireen’s death and Hodor’s door-holding. There are many possibilities about what it could be, but one plausible twist could be Jaime becoming a “queen slayer” of sorts, and once again killing a mad ruler in order to save the city.

In the books, when Cersei visits the witch who predicts her children’s deaths, the witch tells her she’ll meet her own end at the hands of “the Valonquor,” which means “little brother.” Many have speculated that this could very well mean Jaime, as he was born after Cersei.

Furthermore, by this point in the books, Jaime is emotionally estranged from Cersei. The show has deliberately kept him connected to her — perhaps so that it’s more emotional when he must kill her.

Between The Hound’s return, Benjen Stark as Coldhands, and all the hints about Jon Snow’s mother, Game of Thrones has been making fan theories canon left and right this season. Cersei as The Mad Queen who must be killed by Jaime is one that makes sense, and the show is all but telegraphing it. It’s just a matter of time before it happens. After all, a Lannister always pays his debts.

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