Huge 'GoT' Spoilers Leak Says Season 7 Might Have an Ice Dragon


The seventh season of Game of Thrones may make “A Song of Ice and Fire” far more literal, in the form of featuring a fire-breathing ice dragon. Although the common assumption from George R.R. Martin’s fans is that the “Song of Ice and Fire” refers to Jon and Daenerys, it’s probably way more on the-nose than that, and new possible spoilers tell us why.

A Citadel’s worth of Season 7 spoilers have reportedly leaked online in a Reddit thread on Monday. The poster quickly deleted the post and his account, but the potential spoilers are still all over the web — so turn back now if you don’t want to read anything that might have a shred of truth to it.

Inverse reached out to HBO about the potential leak — a spokesperson for the network said “As you may know, we don’t comment on ‘Game of Thrones’ plot points.” The Reddit post’s alleged spoilers might be completely bunk, but some of them match up well enough with set reports to merit discussion.

Right off the bat, the craziest detail is that one of Daenerys’s dragons (Viserion) will be killed and resurrected by the Night’s King and used as his blue-fire breathing, Wall-destroying undead ride.

Yes, the Night’s King Cometh (as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia director Matt Shakman is joining the show) and with him comes a fucking ice dragon.

Now, as Daenerys’s dragons are all still kicking in the books, we have no precedent to base this off, but if the army of the dead can use horses, there’s no reason they can’t use dragons. And a dragon won’t be the only critter to rejoin Season 7.

Turn back now if you really don’t want spoilers.

Arya’s long-lost direwolf Nymeria, last seen running off into the Northern countryside in Season 1, will reportedly rejoin her Stark, bringing the show’s period of direwolf murder to an end for now.

Arya will also reportedly murder Petyr Baelish under Sansa’s orders. This would be entirely in line with both Sansa’s character and the show’s post-books approach to character deaths, as exemplified by how Season 6 killed Ramsay Bolton.

On Jon Snow’s front, the other big spoilers include a confirmation that Jon and his aunt Daenerys will hook up, which fits the set reports of the two together, and Tyrion will begin to worry about Daenerys’s temperament, which fits the show’s increasing emphasis on Daenerys as a conqueror and sets up a fascinating possibility for Dany as the endgame villain.

Sam will reportedly discover the cure to Greyscale at the Citadel and cure Jorah, which fits our speculation that Greyscale will be important in Season 7.

However, there is one detail that might throw a wrench in these spoilers. Jon will apparently find out that his real name is Aegon and we will see a flashback to Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s secret wedding. If that’s the case, Rhaegar indeed needs to be cast.

Now, in the books, [Aegon Targaryen](http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/AegonTargaryen(son_of_Rhaegar) is Rhaegar’s son with his first wife Elia Martell. It would not make sense for Rhaegar to give two sons the same name — and his first son does indeed exist in the show’s universe, because Oberyn Martell died trying to avenge his murdered sister Elia and her children. (“You raped her! You murdered her! You killed her children!)

Furthermore, this would discount a fan theory that Jon Snow’s real name is Jaehaerys Targaryen. As the books have not gotten to Jon’s real identity yet, it’s still up in the air, but it is extremely unlikely that his true name is Aegon.

On the other hand, the show has set a precedent for changing character names from the books. Because Theon’s sister Asha was changed into Yara onscreen, it’s quite possible that the Jon on Game of Thrones could indeed be Aegon.

As for the most anticipated piece of Season 7 information, there is no word on Cleganebowl — so we can only assume that is too sacred for spoilers.

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