The Most Anticipated 'Game of Thrones' Reunions in Season 7

Season 6 brought Jon and Sansa back together. Who might meet again in Season 7? 


Now that we know there’s a real chance Arya Stark could reunite with her old traveling companion and maybe crush Gendry at long last on Game of Thrones, it’s time to think about what other reunions Season 7 might bring. By putting Jon and Sansa together for the first time since the pilot and finally sending Daenerys to Westeros, Season 6 made it clear the writers are gathering the corners of their far-flung tapestry and folding it in preparation for the final act. Season 7 will surely entwine more disparate storylines than ever. Here are our most anticipated reunions.

Arya and Nymeria

Season 6 had a lot of great things: that astonishing Wildfire sequence, the Hound’s return, Sansa continuing to prove that she is a boss, and several long-held fan theories confirmed at last. But sadly, it was also a direwolf massacre. Bran’s wolf Summer and Rickon’s wolf Shaggydog met their gruesome ends at the hands of Ice Zombies and Ramsay, respectively. Now, you might think Ghost is the only direwolf left — since Sansa’s wolf Lady died early on and Grey Wind went down with Robb — but don’t forget that Arya’s wolf Nymeria is still out there somewhere, presumably fucking shit up in the Northern wilderness. Way back in Season 1, Arya scared her away in order to save her from punishment for attacking Joffrey.

Now that A Girl is back in Westeros, it’s high time her wolf came back into the picture.

Tyrion and Cersei

Tyrion and Cersei have never exactly had a warm and fuzzy relationship, nor have they seen eye to eye on anything, really. Their relationship was always precarious, but it became downright toxic in Season 4 when Cersei referred to him as a “monster” and tried to have him executed, regardless of whether he was guilty for Joffrey’s murder or not. None of us ever expected to find Cersei on the Iron Throne, and Tyrion’s reaction to the news will be one of the most exciting parts of Season 7, not to mention Cersei’s reaction after seeing Tyrion as the hand of her usurper.

The Stark siblings

Jon and Sansa’s reunion was by far the most emotional moment in Season 6. If it didn’t make you tear up, you might have Greyscale and be on your way to turning into a Stone Man.

Seeing as how Jon and Sansa were never close in the first place, we can only imagine what a reunion between Jon and Arya or Jon and Bran might look like. Especially since Bran has some life-changing news for Jon.

Daenerys and Jon

The jury is still out on whether Daenerys and Jon will meet in Season 7 or whether the writers will save it for the final season. But if it happens sooner rather than later, it will bring together the two characters who have danced on the edges of the narrative for the longest. Whether they will be enemies, uneasy allies, or enter into a romantic partnership is hard to say, but their meeting is sure to be a showstopper.

The Mountain and The Hound

Because even though last season shot down Cleganebowl — the delightfully bonkers fan theory that brutal brothers The Mountain and The Hound would fight to the death in a trial by combat — Sandor Clegane has returned. Never say never.

Game of Thrones Season 7 will air in summer 2017.

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