'Iron Fist' Trailer Unveils Marvel's Living Weapon Defender

The last of Marvel’s Defenders is finally here. At New York Comic Con, the crowd at Marvel’s Iron Fist panel lost their minds cheering for the teaser trailer, which depicts a tattooed Danny Rand (Finn Jones) meditating in a sleek apartment before engaging in kung fu combat with several well-dressed Asian businessmen.

Colleen Wing, whose name was teased in the final episode of Luke Cage, also makes a quick appearance. Her face was greeted with another cheer from the crowd when the teaser aired, and for good reason: Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) will act alongside Zhou Cheng (Lewis Tan) as the series’ primary Asian characters. While Wing is a hero in the comics, Cheng is a supervillain devoted to killing each person who accepts the name Iron Fist. Casting Asian actors in a kung-fu-heavy series will prove to be an important move for Marvel, especially considering the company’s most recent series on Netflix — Cheo Hodari Coker’s Luke Cage — made significant strides toward a more robust inclusion of actors of color in superhero stories. Many are hoping Iron Fist, despite having a white, male lead, will do the same.

In addition to introducing some minor characters, the trailer depicts Danny “charging” his iron fist through meditation. The actual shot of his fist shows it glowing, and it’s accompanied by a technical surge sound effect that’s reminiscent of Iron Man.

Watch the entire teaser trailer below.

Iron Fist will be available on Netflix March 17.

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