This Guy Smashed Up an Apple Store Over a Refund

Well, that's one way to respond to unsatisfactory customer service.

Dealing with customer service can be pretty frustrating, especially if they refuse to give you the refund you so righteously deserve. But instead of cursing at someone on the phone and demanding to speak to a manager, one disgruntled French customer decided to take out his rage in-person.

In a video posted to Twitter Thursday, a man walks around an Apple store, pulling iPhones from their docks and smashing them with a steel ball similar to the ones used for bocce. He eventually explains his smashing spree to the stunned Apple employees and customers around him.

“Apple is a company that violates consumer rights,” he says in French. “They refuse to refund me.” He doesn’t give any details, so we don’t know if his phone bricked after updating to iOS 10 or if he’s just upset about the lack of a headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Regardless, it was enough to spark a destructive rage that caused thousands of Euros’ worth of damage.

The European law he claims Apple violated is probably the European Union’s two-year guarantee on faulty products.

This one unsatisfied customer is definitely not the only one, but Apple has a pretty good reputation with consumers. They may not be known for paying their taxes, but the company will help you out on Twitter and even their execs will answer a question every now and then.

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