Elon Musk is a Fan of XKCD and Nobody is Surprised

Jokes aside, it makes a fantastic point, and Musk clearly agrees.

Getty Images / Lily Lawrence

It’s been well-documented that while Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wants to save the world, he’s also kind of a nerd (see examples here, here, here, and here).

So it came as no surprise when after online comic XKCD published this climate change explainer to spell things out for us — or, that is, to draw things out for us — Musk was compelled to share.

The very top of a very long vertical comic titled "Earth Temperature Timeline," published by XKCD.

Modern climate change is a problem caused by humans meddling with the environment and our reliance on fossil fuels, just in case you didn’t know. The monstrous comic on XKCD’s website takes some space to point out the ludicrousness of denying that humans have had a direct impact on the latest worldwide warming trend. Starting at 20,000 BCE, you’ll find important world events such as the domestication of dogs, the extinction of North American Pokemon, and a cartoon drawing of the Trojan Horse, which is dubbed “not a trap.” But, jokes aside, it makes a fantastic point, and Musk clearly agrees.

Musk is a vocal opponent of climate change deniers and frequently speaks about the problems our planet faces in the future. He’s said that climate change is capable of causing more “damage than all wars in history.” Luckily for the internet’s bundle of collective knowledge, XKCD has laid out that history with “A Timeline of Earth’s Average Temperature Since the Last Ice Age Glaciation.” No wonder Musk took interest.

Despite the ever-increasing doom and gloom reports about the fate of the world — courtesy of climate change — it’s kind of nice to know that humor is still the best way to get through to people. At least, we hope it is.

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