'The Flash' Season 3 Trailer Reveals Flashpoint to Barry 

The CW

In a new trailer for the CW’s third season of The Flash, Barry Allen discovers one critical thing after he travelled back in time: He done goofed.

In a TV spot advertising the show’s third season premiere (October 4, mark your calendars), Barry learns he created the new “Flashpoint” timeline, causing a massive ripple effect across the DC TV universe.

While it’s unknown exactly how Flashpoint — loosely based on Geoff Johns’s 2011 comic that rebooted DC Comics continuity — will affect Supergirl or Arrow — at San Diego Comic-Con, the showrunners of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow confirmed their show will be untouched — Barry’s world is practically alien. Though Barry’s parents are alive, he doesn’t have the friends and family he’s maintained for years. Cisco Ramon is an egotistical billionaire, the Wests are total strangers, and who knows what else?Oh, and Wally West is a speedster, but he’s not featured in this new trailer.

There are also these weird hooded guys whom I can’t place. Are they the League of Assassins? (John Barrowman’s contract enables him to appear in The Flash.) Is Vandal Savage back? Is it the Legion of Doom, who will be the enemies in Legends of Tomorrow? I wish more super-villains had more diverse uniforms than “dark brown cloaks.”

Seriously, who are these guys?YouTube.com/Television Promos

Check out the trailer below. The Flash returns to the CW on October 4.