Listen to Volume 2 of the 'Stranger Things' Soundtrack

Spooky synths! Scary sounds! Justice for Barb!


Part two of the Stranger Things soundtrack is here, and it’s a whole lot more fun than Barb at a party.

The first installment of Netflix’s two-part soundtrack to its gloriously ‘80s horror drama was nearly perfect, but the streaming service doubled down a week later and gave us more.

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of S U R V I V E are back to keep the feelin’ going – giving more tracks that nail down the best of the ‘80s horror vibe perfected by Steven Spielberg and Stephen King. There are synths. There’s a track named “Where’s Barb?,” because the internet was wondering. All told, there’s 39 new tracks of synthy goodness. A personal favorite — “Gearing Up,” which plays while Lucas goes full Rambo, strapping on his iconic camo headband and loading up the the wrist rocket to go hunt the demogorgon. This is definitely going to be my new getting ready track before going out (and if anyone knows where to cop that red sheepskin bomber jacket, let me know).

Let's get down to business. 


There are some lighter moments too, like the track “First Kiss,” which gives us all the teenage nerves the Mike and Eleven felt when they realized that they could be kids as well as monster slayers. We don’t know yet what Season 2 will hold, but if those two get a reunion, it’ll all be worth it.

Listen to volume two of the sountrack on Apple Music here

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