People Are Discovering Some Wild Stuff in 'No Man's Sky'

It's a crazy universe out there.

imgur, Wootai

Space is an infinite void and the universe is filled with countless planets. With No Mans Sky, that means you pretty much have an unlimited number of chances to see something wonderful or wacky. And players have done just that. We’re talking oddities ranging from hopping pineapples to Waterworld planets.

Not that seeing what everyone else is uncovering is any comparison to your own potential encounters, but here’s some of the best, procedurally generated No Man’s Sky creations we’ve seen so far. That superformula is something else, so some of these are really bizarre. You’ve been warned.

Why fruit?

imgur, keyree

This guy has a watermelon for a head. Apparently there are lime-headed creatures too, so it’s possible that Hello Games’ had some sort of…fruit-based variable in there somewhere when figuring out the generation system. But where does what dictates a head end? Rocks? Trees? Other critters?

The color split is great.

imgur, ShadowLinkPD

This looks like a kindergartner’s drawing come to life. Like these IKEA ones.

And the Pyramid Head dinosaurs.

Reddit, ChemicLs

Note the floating islands on this planet. And the partially-submerged base.

"ATT will suspend your account soon."


Moving on…

Probably don't want to bite into it, though.

imgur, OhGodAli

A wild space avocado. You can’t make this stuff up. Though the superformula can. Makes you wonder if those tentacled mushrooms in the background ate the pit.


imgur, TakeoutGuhui

Another jumping pineapple – this one looks like it caught something. Frightening stuff out in space.

But what's underwater?

Reddit, Hellom7plus1

This looks like a great planet to explore.

Maybe don't go into competitive gymnastics.

imgur, Wint3r

Looking at this thing feels like watching a slightly misaligned image in 3D. You can’t even make sense of the anatomy. Where’s its head? Are those legs mid-walk or a weird stem coming out of the back of its, uh, elbows? There’s nothing to grasp onto here, making that much more frightening.

The Martian.

imgur, ThePain1

Not everything that’s randomly created is a wheezing terror of equations. Coming across landscapes like this makes every horror found worthwhile.

"Wait, I just wanted to know the time!"

imgur, Derptastrophe

What would you do if you came across a thing that looked like this? I guess that creature in the background didn’t want anything to do with it, whatever “it” is. The NMS community is pretty creative when it comes to names, in any case.

Mars Attacks.

imgur, TheHeroicOnion

This guy just wants to be your friend. And probably for you to take a screenshot.

reddit, OpticalPrime33


Reddit, sirwhipcracker

Underwater research base. Maybe Emerald WEAPON is lurking somewhere near…

Nice T-Rex costume.

Reddit, GrantRSmith

“Temperament: anxious”.

Bob regretted trying DIY dentistry.

imgur, Spunk_Reynolds

That rock has some body horror issues. If it is a rock.

Not so scary once that mollusk chews through its brainstem.

imgur, Obviousobservation1

Have fun sleeping.


Also think of this not-at-all-disturbing specimen before bed. Sweet dreams!

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