The 9 Best Things In The 'Luke Cage' Netflix Trailer

Possible new heroes, definite new villains, and a killer soundtrack.

Netflix’s Luke Cage trailer has been released into the wild, so gather around, and let’s all watch Mike Colter smash things into oblivion!

The trailer leans heavily on Claire Temple, or Night Nurse (Rosario Dawson) and Luke’s relationship with Pop (Frankie Faison), but it also debuts big baddie Cornell Stokes (Mahershala Ali) and one of Luke Cage’s many romantic interests, Misty Knight (Simone Missick).

Although the trailer is sleek and promising from start to finish, here are the eight most prominent bright spots in our first extended look into Luke Cage’s Harlem.

How are you awake during the day?

9. Rosario Dawson as Night Nurse

Rosario Dawson debuted as Claire Temple in Netflix’s Daredevil, patching superheroes up and serving as a much-needed audience avatar in crazy stories. That is, Dawson’s Night Nurse is the bridge between each hero’s solo series and the upcoming The Defenders series, so, in a way, she’s Netflix’s Agent Coulson or Nick Fury.

Oh, you. You're gonna kill so many people in revenge for my death.

8. Pop

This doesn’t really count as a spoiler, because we don’t know for sure, but Pop is definitely going to die, right? We see him convincing Luke Cage to use his powers (and Luke rolls his eyes), then we see a shoot-out in Pop’s barber shop, and then there aren’t any clips of Pop watching Luke Cage in action, or talking to him about being a superhero in the present tense. There’s only that one after-title sequence where they laugh about Luke beating up some punks. Pop is already lovable, but father figures in superhero stories are dead in the water. It is pretty funny that he had to put up a sign in his barber shop saying he doesn’t offer customers credit, and that they have to pay for haircuts immediately. Sorry Pop, or should I say…Uncle Ben.

7. Callback to his old costume

One of the great mysteries of Marvel Universe adaptations is why contemporary filmmakers think homages to antiquated comics are necessary. Was anyone, for example, really gunning to see Jessica Jones in her weird Jewel costume? Netflix proved itself worthy of Marvel by having JJ hold up the costume, make a face, and toss it aside.

Who is this servicing? Are there 70 year old fans watching Marvel adaptations?

In this shot, we see Luke Cage in his classic, Blaxploitation-era cuffs and space-y headpiece, but those metal pieces aren’t going to follow him out of the lab. Here you go, weirdos, he’s wearing the things:


6. This guy’s fist liquefying on Cage’s face

There’s not a lot to say here, other than “oooooof”.

Am I the only human being on earth who still looks good from this angle?

5. The menswear, oh lord, the menswear

If there is a God, may she use Netflix’s Luke Cage to convince every man that he only needs a couple looks in order to slay: a hoodie for basketball practice, a suit for special occasions, and glorious nothing. I guess Luke’s work shirt is cute, too, though, because it says “Pop’s.”

But there’s also the suit he wears while arguing with Misty Knight (more on her in a second):

Misty, for the last damn time, it's a pocket square.

And, obviously, it appears we’re going to get at least one scene featuring Mike Colter’s dreamboat physique:

Gonna send criminals a "you up?" text.

In all seriousness, prepare for a million think pieces about a bulletproof black superhero in a bullet-hole-ridden hoodie:

4. This romantic shot:

Looks like it's a one way street, so you HAVE to come home with me.

Misty Knight, who we’ve explored previously, is one of Luke Cage’s many fleeting romantic interests. What’s fascinating about Netflix picking her is not the possibility for sex scenes (but let’s be real, there will be a few). In the comics, Misty’s arm is mangled in a fight, and she gets a bionic replacement from Tony Stark. It’s possible she may even join the Defenders.

3. Run The Jewels

The second half of the trailer is set to “Heart Is Full” by Mike Snow, remixed by Run the Jewels.

In case you’re not sure who Run the Jewels is, follow Killer Mike on Twitter and watch the full video for “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)”, because it will make you cry, and it’s thematically related to Luke Cage.

Hm, how to detective...

2. Luke Cage reading Easy Rawlins novels

It appears Luke Cage reads the series of paperback detective novels written by Walter Mosley in the 1940s. It’s a perfect choice for his character, given that the novels blend a mix of straight-up detective procedurals (maybe he’s learning) and commentary on racial injustice. Easy Green, the one Luke is reading in Pop’s, was Mosley’s last novel on the subject.

What does he want, more fights? Snacks? Loving? Give it to him!

1. The above gesture, which will live forever in GIF form

Watch the entire Luke Cage trailer here, and catch the series when it hits Netflix September 30:

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