The RNC Livestream's Comments Section Got Really Racist, Fast

"Chat is disabled for this live stream." 

by Kastalia Medrano

We all knew the Republican National Convention was going to head south pretty much immediately, what with people bracing for riots and the #NeverTrumpers making their last stand. But in the midst of all the expectations of physical violence and the many, many guns that may be present at the RNC, we almost forgot for a moment about the regular ‘ol racist trolling that happens when someone says the word “Jews” in the presence of Trump’s alt-right fanboys.

Linda Lingle, former governor of Hawaii, made the mistake of mentioning something about Trump’s supposed Jewish outreach during the RNC live stream on YouTube, drawing in such a tidal wave of anti-Semitic comments that the RNC actually disabled the chat window.

Trump has claimed to be friendly toward Jewish people, but his outreach to the community is kind of anyone’s guess. It might have something to do with this guy, a “little-known” Rabbi they roped in to bless the delegates at the convention (after the original Rabbi dropped out).

We’re not sure what Trump’s alt-right, anti-Semitic fans think about his beautiful Jewish grandchildren, but we certainly got an idea of what they think about Jews as a whole in the YouTube comments on the RNC livestream.

Predictably, the first whispers of “Jews” came amidst comment spam trying to build Trump’s wall with football emojis.


Then we got a few Hitler references, a bastardization of “Allahu Akbar,” a common phrase in Arabic, the word JEWS in all caps (gotta get the word out I guess), and then some festive Star of David emojis. Emojis — aiding anti-Semitism in the 21st century.


It’s not clear at this point whether these people are just 4chan trolls spouting memes (probable) or actual racists (also probable).

Orange juice sounds slightly like Jews, sure.


People also decided to spam the word “cuck,” a derogatory slang term for liberal millenials that owes its etymology to “cuckold,” or a man whose spouse has cheated on him.

And then of course, that led to Pokémon Go memes.

We wish we could explain all of this, but to be honest, you just had to be there (on YouTube, watching the country burn).

We still have three more days of this thing, so there’s time for it to descend into all kinds of Taylor Swift/Kanye West/Kim Kardashian memes, too.

And lest you worry that people would tire of their racism being so one-note:

Eventually, there was only one option for the RNC livestream.

Took them long enough. 


Great job internet, continue being the absolute worst, see you again tomorrow.

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