8 Reasons to Get a Star Wars Tattoo

May the tattoo needle be with you.

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Okay, so you want a tattoo? Settling on a design may be tough, but for fans at Star Wars Celebration Europe this past weekend in London, the answer was simple. Showing off your dark side, paying homage to Lucas’s work, or to remember a loved one were all reasons attendees gave for adorning their body with Star Wars-inspired designs. Here are eight reasons why the force should be guiding your next tattoo parlor visit.

Mike Brown/Inverse

Because you feel like it

“I don’t think that every tattoo needs to have a story. I think that’s something television brought to the medium of tattooing,” said Shane Turgeon, 38, who boasts a tattoo of a lightsaber-wielding Darth Vader. “Sometimes you can have a tattoo just to have a tattoo.”

Mike Brown/Inverse

Because the art inspired you

“I’ve been a Star Wars fan my whole life,” says Dale Schneck, 29, who has been working on the pictured sleeve for two years. “Got me into art, made me creative. It struck my imagination, Star Wars, so it’s always been close to me.”

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Because you want to remember a loved one

The Force Awakens has a special place in Filippo Bosi’s heart. It was the last movie that he saw with his mother, who passed away from cancer soon afterwards.

“She laughed so much when she saw BB-8 exposing the thumb,” said Bosi, 29. “She also loved ladybugs, they were her lucky charm in all her cancer treatment.”

Six months ago, Bosi decided he would get a tattoo that combined the two ideas. He got his tattoo at the SWCE conference. “I feel great,” he said.

Mike Brown/Inverse

Because you want to show off your dark side

Darren Richardson, 34, has not yet completed his tattoo sleeve, but when done it will focus on original trilogy dark side characters. “Original trilogy because that’s what I grew up with,” he said. “Dark side, I just find the character design a lot more interesting!”

“The dark side has much more interesting character designs, much better ships, that sort of stuff,” said Richardson.

Mike Brown/Inverse

Because you want to give the smaller characters some limelight

“Started off with the Ackbar tattoo, just as a one off piece, then got it turned into this sleeve,” says Chris Hall, 36. “I’ve always been into the creatures, the weirder-looking guys, rather than the principal characters.”

Mike Brown/Inverse

Because you want to combine two art styles

“I’ve always loved Star Wars, big fan of Rey from *The Force Awakens,” says Karl Phillipson, 37. “I’ve always loved the 1940s pin up-style art, so I thought if I could combine the two, I would!”

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Because you want to show off your fun side

“I kind of enjoyed the jokey side of the tattoos,” said Andy Hynes, 32, who has combined serious tattoos on his left lag with lighthearted designs on his right. “With the C3PO in the propellor hat, it was a collaboration between me and the tattoo artist.”

Mike Brown/Inverse

Because nothing else will do

“I love Star Wars. It’s the only thing I’d be willing to have on my body forever,” says Bill Koenig, 35. “This is like my favorite battle scene!”

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