See Hawkman Challenge Mongul in 'Injustice: Year Five' #30

Inverse has an exclusive preview to the next issue of DC's 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' comic prequel.

DC Comics

It’s been a few years since NetherRealm’s Injustice: Gods Among Us was released to game consoles, but its comic book prequel is still going strong. A year before the sequel Injustice 2 comes out, the comic, currently written by Brian Buccellato with art by Xermanico, inches towards the finish line. Issue #30 of the Year Five arc will be released on Wednesday.

In the comic, Batman leads Batgirl and Batwoman on a raid at the Hall of Justice while Superman goes to Atlantis to demand allegiance for his side. But in an Inverse exclusive preview from DC Comics below, Hawkman flies into deep space to ask from Mongul his Kryptonite ring, a handy tool (pardon the pun) in the fight against Superman.

If you’ve been reading Injustice you might know who Mongul is, but in case you’ve mistaken him for a Darkseid impersonator, here’s a brief primer: Mongul, who debuted in 1980 in issue #27 of DC Comics Presents by Len Wein and Jim Starlin, was the ruler of his own race until a revolution exiled him to deep space. In his debut, Mongul kidnaps Superman’s friends Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Steve Lombard, demanding a key that will activate the artificial planet Warworld in exchange for their safe return.

The plot failed, but since then Mongul has had a slew of other adventures, including as a member of the Suicide Squad and even the Sinestro Corps. Injustice follows a different continuity, but you can still see Mongul’s grudge for Superman in his possession of the kryptonite ring. And in Injustice: Year Five issue #30, something tells me he won’t give it up so easy. See the preview below.

Issue #30 hits stands on Wednesday, July 13.

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