Watch a Hydraulic Press Take Out All Your E3 Frustrations on a PlayStation 4 Controller

Somehow both more and less satisfying than just throwing it at the screen.

YouTube/ PressTube

Since the early days of Gallaga and Tetris, video games have inspired rage and frustration in players. Usually, that rage manifests in senseless violence directed at innocent controllers. How many poor, helpless, stupidly three-pronged Nintendo 64 controllers have perished after older brothers repeatedly pick Pikachu in the original Super Smash Brothers? Too many to count. But the sight of a PlayStation 4 controller slowly succumbing to the inexorable force of a hydraulic press is somehow a new experience, one that invokes careful planning and — nah, they just stuck a plastic controller in a gigantic crushing thing. It’s great.

If E3’s annual hype has you feeling cynical about the future of gaming, frustrated that your favorite game didn’t show up, or just resigned to the fact that the analog controller will soon be replaced by VR headsets and motion-sensing wands, then this is the video for you. Plus, it’s always fun watching complex objects get flattened into 2D-versions of themselves (hey, it’s what made Paper Mario fun too!), and the latest video from PressTube does not disappoint.

At this point, the internet’s appetite for things being slowly crushed by hydraulic presses seems near-unquenchable, as the original Hydraulic Press Channel spawned imitators (like PressTube) and a whole host of other creative ways to break stuff. But we’re glad it did, because now we have cathartic videos like this:

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