The Unofficial Trump Expansion to Cards Against Humanity is Hilarious

Make Cards Against Humanity great again.

Sid Lee Collective 

Even just a couple rounds of Cards Against Humanity can be hilarious but ultimately repetitive. Once players know the cards it really takes away from the shock value of the game.

That’s why players get trapped into buying endless expansion packs to satisfy that thrill of playing the game for the first time, and the latest “Trump Against Humanity” expansion from Sid Lee Collective may be the most effective yet at accomplishing this.

Everyone’s favorite avoided subject matter, Donald Trump, is coming to the game utilizing his nearly endless supply of racist, misogynistic and populist quotes, which fit perfectly into the game’s theme’s.

“We were looking for quotes that lent themselves to the most offensive, absurd, combinations that captured the same twisted sense of humor in Cards Against Humanity,” Jeffrey Da Silva, executive creative director of Canadian ad agency Sid Lee, told Mashable. “But Trump did most of the legwork for us, since he can’t seem to go long without saying something ridiculous.”

The 30-card Trump Against Humanity expansion is laid out on a table. 

Sid Lee Collective 

For those that may not know the mechanics of the game, a single player draws and lays down a black card and the remaining players fill in the blank with an absurd white card. Some of the Trump Against Humanity black cards include memorable phrases such as “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re …,” and “Make … great again.”

There are plenty of references to small hands, penis size jokes, references to his daughter who he creepily finds attractive, and of course the presumptive Republican nominee’s frequent use of “Yuuuge.”

The unofficial cards can be added to existing packs but, unfortunately, they’re not yet for sale. Sid Lee Collective’s original plan was to give the 100 packs they initially created out to the first people who signed up. But the response was so over whelming that they decided to go a different rout.

Confirm your email on the company’s website and the creators just might send you one. Or at least tell you how to get it later on.