Cards Against Humanity Made Over $70,000 Selling Nothing — Here's What They Bought

They got something for nothing. Literally.

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Cards Against Humanity has made a name for themselves in off-color humor… and epic internet trolling. It makes sense that they’d combine the two for Black Friday, a consumerist holiday where people will throw money at just about anything — including nothing. (Like, literally nothing.)

Once again, Cards Against Humanity carried on their Black Friday trolling tradition of selling literal crap to people once again. Last year it was bullshit for $6. This year, it was nothing for $5.

Cards Against Humanity

Both predictably and surprisingly, people threw money at the company for a whole lotta nada.

In fact, the team at Cards Against Humanity raked in a whopping $71,145 from 11,248 buyers (including a few that bought a couple sets of nothing… and someone who bought a lot of nothing for $100).

On their site, the folks at Cards Against Humanity noted that over the past few years, they’ve donated a lot of money to plenty of organizations, so they decided to do things a little differently this year: “There’s been a lot of speculation about how we would spend the money from Black Friday, and we’re happy to announce that this time, we kept it all.”

Here are just a few of the best things the Cards Against Humanity crew spent their hard-earned dough on:

Perhaps the realest purchase of all?

And yes — of course — there were some charities involved, too, from NAMI: The National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Greater Chicago Food Depository to Planned Parenthood and the American Refugee Committee - Syrian Refugee Response.

Cards Against Humanity has gone from being a runaway start-up to actually being able to get something for nothing… and they’re doing good with it?

According to their website, Cards Against Humanity has “raised nearly $4 million for organizations we love like Worldbuilders, the Sunlight Foundation, the EFF,, the Wikimedia Foundation, and the Chicago Design Museum. We even started a $500,000 full-ride scholarship for women getting degrees in science.”

It might sound like bullshit, but it’s hard to argue with the sound of all that money pouring in.

If only everyone gave a little something for nothing on Black Friday instead of clamoring to get something for nothing.

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