iPhone SE Is Up for Pre-Order Today and People With Small Hands Rejoice

Too small or too expensive, the internet has a lot of opinions on the new Apple device. 

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The latest offering of Apple’s smartphone lineup — the iPhone SE — became available for preorder today, and the internet seems predictably divided.

People with small hands have been clamoring for a smaller formed iPhone since the company expanded the mobile device two years ago. Others just see it as a step backward to a now outdated design.

The new iPhone has all the internals of an iPhone 6S but with the design of 2012’s iPhone 5. The four-inch display houses the same killer camera and the speedy Apple A9 processor. For those who never upgraded to the 6 or 6S phones, the SE could be the answer.

One carrier chief, John Legere of T-Mobile, is stoked:

Ed Sheeran was hyped but probably won’t be preordering:

With every new device released by Apple, Steve Jobs’ legacy is always brought into question:

Trump’s small hands would be perfect for the new phone.

Rose Gold is still a popular color.

Pre-orders are available online but some still choose to go to the store.

Even some who would prefer a smaller phone just don’t like the look of the SE.

This toy phone actually looks remarkably similar to the new offering.

People become very emotionally attached to their phones.

Phablets still aren’t all that popular.

The amount of pun plays on the “SE” name keep coming.

Several people took to Twitter to complain about the price, which is an odd gripe given that the iPhone SE is Apple’s cheapest debut offering ever at $399 upfront or payments of $13.30 during the course of a two-year contract.

However, that base model comes with only 16GB of storage, which means inevitably you’ll have to decide between keeping that infrequently used app in the back of your app drawer, or deleting music from your Spotify cache.

Many may want to opt for the larger 64GB option, which bumps the price up to $499 or $16.64 per month, and at that price range, other phone options start to look more attractive.

Given the similarities, some might prefer to just buy the iPhone 5.

But there’s a strong complaint among buyers in India, who learned the phone is going to be $200 more in their country or 39,000 Rupees.

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