13 Things to Look Out for in the New 'Ghostbusters' Trailer

You know exactly who to call.

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We’re definitely overdue for the new trailer to director Paul Feig’s new Ghostbusters reboot, which hits theaters in just four months. We might have been a little too harsh by saying it had an “identity problem,” but we get to shut up now because the first official look at what Feig and screenwriter Katie Dippold have been up to is here, and it looks great!

But this isn’t merely just a two-minute clip of four of the funniest people on the planet inheriting the classic comedic stylings of a movie from 1984 that also featured some of the funniest people on the planet. It’s more than that, it’s a Ghostbusters movie for a new generation with some tricky little homages to the previous two movies. Here’s what to look out for.

1. Original movie had three scientists, not four.

The clip gets off to kind of a bad start by saying “30 years ago, four scientists saved New York.” It’s a badass line that could start out any number of upcoming blockbusters, but any fan knows Winston Zeddemore technically wasn’t a scientist in the original movie. He was just a normal dude who answered an ad to get a job. It looks like Sony’s marketing department isn’t doing their jobs. Thankfully that’s the only wrong thing in the trailer.

Unfortunately, Winston Zeddemore wasn't a scientist.

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2. We finally get to see our new squad in action!

Busting ghosts in an art deco banquet hall.

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After months and months of waiting, we finally get to see Wiig, McKinnon, Jones, and McCarthy busting some ghosts for once.

3. There are echoes of the original, but tweaked and modernized with the right kind of nostalgia.

"One, two, three, get her!"

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Abby's helmet looks like a slight homage to the one Rick Moranis wore in the original.

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Besides the Ecto-1 and the newly designed proton packs, there are some great throwbacks to the past movies. Wiig’s confrontation with the ghost in what looks like a museum is like an homage to when Egon, Venkman, and Ray discovered a librarian ghost in the original movie.

4. Slimer is back!

Behold, CG-Slimer.

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But we knew that already. It’s still good to see the sloppy glowing green guy again.

5. The four new characters seem to have traits of the originals, but definitely have quirks of their own.

Check out Holtzmann's proton pack pistols!

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And Abby's proton pack punching gun!

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Abby Yates is the jokester like Venkman; Erin Gilbert is the bumbling true believer like Ray; Patty Tolan is the everyman non-scientist like Winston; and Jillian Holtzmann is the brainiac builder like Egon.

6. They’ve got some awesome new hardware.

A new and improved (?) ghost trap?

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Holtzmann’s gnarly new ghost trap is a great update to the classic design from the original.

7. The iconic theme song is back.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters, obviously. Who knows if Ray Parker, Jr. will make a return as well, but we know for sure an updated electro version of the song is bound to show up at some point.

8. What’s with the logo graffiti?

New York ain't afraid of no ghosts.

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Is this a Dark Knight Rises situation, where support for the Ghostbusters is slowly built up around the city? It could just be a minor detail, kind of like when random members of the crowd at the end of the original movie randomly show up wearing Ghostbusters t-shirts.

9. Is it a sequel? It makes it seem like a sequel.

The opening text cards make this movie seem like a sequel to the first two movies. Again, that might just be a marketing hiccup since busting ghosts seems like a brand new concept to the world of the movie.

10. Will the new Ghostbusters set up shop in the iconic firehouse?

The iconic Tribeca firehouse in all its glory.

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This sure looks like the classic interior to the firehouse …

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… but here's the Ecto-1 speeding out of their new Chinatown digs.

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There’s a very deliberate shot of the firehouse in the trailer, but it seems as though the new crew runs their ghostbusting business out of a Chinese restaurant. Maybe they end up renting out the firehouse at the end of the movie or something.

  1. We finally get a look at some of the ghosts that will inevitably get busted.


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The crowds of ghosts seem like an homage to the city-wide spread of ghouls in Ghostbusters II, but these new ones primarily look like ghosts from the Victorian era. Dear God, please give us 19th-century ghost Charles Dance. There’s no Mr. Stay Puft, but we do get a large Jack Skellington-looking dude in the Times Square scene.

12. There are no looks at any of the villains.

The trailer seems to be strictly about the new crew, so we’ll have to wait to see an actual look at the new villain that isn’t a toy.

13. There will be an epic showdown in Times Square.

Do the 'Taxi Driver' and 'Tommy' posters in the Times Square scene mean the Ghostbusters do some time-traveling too?

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Will this be this movie’s version of the climactic battle on top of the Central Park West skyscraper? Most likely.

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