'Black Sails' Exclusive: Watch Flint Meet Blackbeard

Take a sneak peak at the Flint, Blackbeard, and Vane meeting  in Season 3 episode 6, "XXIV."

It’s safe to say that after a five-episode buildup to a Flint and Blackbeard meeting, Saturday’s Black Sails episode might be just a tad important. Not to mention, it will also be the first time we’ll see Flint and Vane interact since the Season 2 finale. All in all, this is a moment you’ve been anticipating more than the next Star Wars movie and the return of Jon Snow combined.

Are we exaggerating? Before you give an Idelle-style eye roll, pick up your spyglass and see for yourself in Inverse’s exclusive sneak peek at Episode 6.

It raises all sorts of intriguing questions. Will everyone emerge from this as the best of friends? Ha, yeah, who are we kidding, this is Black Sails. But, for real, will Blackbeard wax poetic about wife number six or seven? Has Flint met his match, or will he be able to win Blackbeard over with another epic Macbethian speech? Will Vane reveal more hidden language talents, perhaps Portuguese this time? Can it be Saturday right now?

Meanwhile, in this exclusive Episode 6 photo, things at the Maroon camp sure look calm. Mr. Scott will be just fine, right?


Thus kicks off the second half of the season. If you need to get prepped for the home stretch, check out our interview with Zach McGowan here, Luke Arnold here, Ray Stevenson here, our most recent episode review here, our breakdown of Black Sails’ subversive treatment of sex and why more people should be paying attention here, and our primer of the show to convert your Black Sails skeptic friends here. You ready? You’re ready.

Episode 6 of Season 3 airs Saturday, February 27th on Starz.