Who Gets the Most Sleep in America? People Who Are White, College-Educated, and Married

Apparently, sleeping and laying in your bed playing 'Candy Crush' aren't the same thing.

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Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, non-Hispanic blacks, and multi-racial non-Hispanics all equally reported the least amount of the sleep in a new study by the Centers for Disease Control. The people who get the most sleep? That would be those who are white, college-educated, and married.

In its ongoing mission to remind Americans to rest, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a new study that demonstrates just how hard it is for us to navigate the minefield of distractions (feeding virtual cats, work stress, hot new web series) on our way to bed. As a nation, we need more sleep.

Today, the CDC announced that one in three Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. Looking at the population of the United States, that’s approximately 106.3 million restless, puffy-eyed people not getting the minimum 7 hours a night the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research recommends for “optimal health and well-being.”

This is the first study to look at self-reported sleep durations from people across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Of the states, the people of South Dakota sleep best (72 percent get at least seven hours) while Hawaiians are the worst (only 56 percent snooze sufficiently). The CDC also found that the lower proportion of adults not getting seven hours of sleep were clustered in the southeastern states, along the Appalachian Mountains.

People asleep on the New York City subway. 


Previous studies have demonstrated that poor sleep puts one at risk for serious medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes, and serves as the catalyst for car crashes and industrial disasters.

Adding to the fun, separate research teams found earlier in February that a lack of sleep also makes you use social media more and makes you more likely to offer up a false confession.

If you want to shift the responsibility of your sleep to your boss, consider showing them this nugget: The CDC recommends employers adjust work schedules so employees can get more sleep.

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