Sarah Sloat

Sarah Sloat is a former senior science editor at Inverse. She managed the Innovation, Science, and Mind and Body verticals. Sarah also writes Sunday Scaries, a mental health newsletter that's the weekend edition of Inverse Daily. Prior to the role, she was the Mind and Body editor and a senior staff writer.

When not reading her team's incredible work, she's reporting on the environment, ancient humans, and health. Her favorite stories are the weird ones. You can also find her bylines at The New Republic, Pacific Standard, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, and Bustle. She's worked extensively as a fact-checker and science consultant, most recently on Marvel's The Unstoppable Wasp. Embarrassingly, she's also performed comedy at Caveat and Upright Citizens Brigade. If you're looking for someone to chat science on your radio show or panel, she's done that, too.


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DNA Is Linked to Depression, but in Different Ways for Men and Women

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Here Are 5 Low-Lift Ways to Boost Mental Health

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Why Managing Emotions May Protect Your Brain from Old Age

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Do You Cause Your Own Stress? How To Stop a “Toxic Cycle”

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Low Exposure to Certain Pollutants Can Threaten Mental Health — Here's What To Know

New findings suggest “more strict air quality standards should be adopted.”

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Why the Antidote to Heartbreak May Lie in the Power of Stories

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Depression Meals: These 4 Easy Dinner Options Are Backed by Science

The food we eat when we need a quick meal is often food that’s worse for our mental health. But the contrary may also be true.

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How to take advantage of a bad mood

Science can explain the unique abilities linked to feeling sour.