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Ancient humans forged hybrid species at critical periods in our evolution

Ancient human species met and mated. Here’s why that matters.


Ancient DNA reveals the shocking scale of Anglo-Saxon migration

A massive genetic analysis sheds new light on ancient Britain.

Cult Week

How one Ancient Greek thinker revolutionized math — and possibly started a cult

Pythagoras’ influence can be felt in every classroom in the western world.


This 31,000-year-old fossil may reveal the world's oldest amputation

Scientists may have discovered evidence of the earliest known use of surgery

The last supper

Ancient burials reveal how ordinary Romans fed their dead for the afterlife

What’s a funeral without a banquet?

Mystery Solved

Ancient chicken bones and snail shells date the destruction of a Greek city

Researchers could even determine the season when the siege began.

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Does chewing gum burn calories? The answer may be hard to swallow

Humans are masters of mastication.


Ancient lore reveals how warriors manipulated their enemy’s senses in battle

From whistling arrows and trumpeting elephants to battle cries and eerie horns, ancient soldiers used sound to frighten and confuse their enemies.

Reel Science

The best superhero movie on HBO Max resurrects an ancient warrior myth

Recent evidence suggests the Amazons were based on reality.

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Webb Telescope spots Cartwheel Galaxy and more: Understand the world through 8 images


Ancient herpes DNA found for the first time — in skeleton teeth

The virus that causes cold sores exploded in the Bronze Age, a new study finds.

Lost and found

Look: Researchers uncover a lost city only known from ancient coins

No, it’s not Atlantis.


518 million-year-old fossil worm reveals a direct connection to human evolution

The ancestor we deserve.

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NASA CAPSTONE glitch and more: Understand the world through 7 images

This week in science

NASA launches CAPSTONE and more: Understand the world through 8 images

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You need to play the riskiest Assassin’s Creed ever on Xbox Game Pass ASAP

Origins turns back to clock to when The Brotherhood and Cleopatra were born.