Ancient humans

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Humble beginnings

The Mayan calendar is older than we thought, researchers say

A site in Guatemala housed the oldest known example of a written calendar date in Maya civilization.

Origins of Humanity

Where and when did humans evolve? New climate data may reveal the answer

A behemoth new study reveals startling insight into ancient human evolution.


Female migration to these remote Scottish islands ushered in a cosmopolitan era

Remains from the northern Scottish region of Orkney show female migrants were accepted into society and ushered in a wave of prosperity.


Scientists are tantalizingly close to cracking any ancient texts wide open

This is autofill for antiquity.

Shell Science

4000-year-old oyster shells reveal how climate change transformed ancient societies

The remarkable new study sheds light on oysters, ancient peoples, and climate change.


This 5,300 year-old ear surgery was gnarly and painful

An elderly Neolithic woman not only had two holes drilled into her head, but also survived.

Keeping time

Look: New evidence may finally solve a huge Stonehenge mystery

Stonehenge’s structure could have marked a 365-day calendar.

Stick and Stones

Orangutans could reveal how ancient humans made the first stone tools

This was a critical skill for human development — do apes have these skills, too?

This week in science

The Webb Telescope’s first snapshot of a star and more: Understand the world through 7 images

Ancient humans

Fossils reveal humans and Neanderthals coexisted far longer than we thought

Yet more evidence we really need to re-examine what we thought we knew about Neanderthals in Europe.


Look: 500 years ago, Ancient Peruvians used human remains to defy colonialism

500-year-old evidence shows Peruvians may have reassembled their deads' vertebrae on poles as a ritual to counter colonizers' tomb raiding and looting.


A new study is complicating the idea that ‘Meat Made Us Human”

A widely accepted theory on meat's role in human evolution could be the result of sampling bias.


The surprising connection between straws and funerals

These might be the oldest straws in our possession today.

Pretty Penny

Look: A mysterious Bronze Age animal reveals an evolutionary first

Meet the kunga.


Pompeii's ruins reveal our morbid obsession with death

It’s uncanny.

Human History

Fossils that "clearly foreshadow" modern humans are 30,000 years older than we thought

Scientists update the age of the Omo I fossils in eastern Africa, pushing the timeline of human history in the region back by some 30,000 years.