Ancient humans

Two types of ancient humans found to benefit the health of living people

This week in Science

Near-Earth asteroid and more: Understand the world through 9 images

The biggest science stories of April 7–14.


Brain study debunks an assumption about ancient humans

Advanced technology allowed scientists to upend an old idea.

Ancient history

Sex between humans and Neanderthals was way more common than realized

“For a very long time, it has been intensively debated on how these processes exactly occurred."

Ancient humans

Human evolution theory debunked by ancient crystals and eggshells

A new study challenges a dominant view about ancient Homo sapiens.


5 mummified animals tell a new story of the past

ancient history

5 ancient secrets revealed by modern technology

Decades or even centuries after their discovery, these arcane discoveries are finally being uncovered.


Ancient Mayan collapse reveals why America needs UBI

History repeats itself.


Why the Neanderthal vanished earlier than we thought

A new study makes scientists revise when the Neanderthals disappeared.

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Inverse Daily: Neanderthals didn't leave big carbon footprints

Plus: The Hyperloop is destined for a place in American cultural history.

Ancient humans

New study pinpoints 1 essential way Neanderthals were like us

Family tree

4-million-year-old hand debunks a popular theory of human evolution

New research reveals insight into the common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees.