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Do the Monsters in 'A Quiet Place' Mean It's a Secret 'Cloverfield' Movie?

Since the first trailer for A Quiet Place debuted during this year’s Super Bowl, fans have wondered if John Krasinski’s latest project was a secret Cloverfield project. We got a legit Cloverfield movie with The Cloverfield Paradox that same night, but with A Quiet Place finally hitting theaters this week, people are wondering yet again: Does A Quiet Place take place somewhere in the Cloverfield multiverse?

The fact that A Quiet Place comes from Paramount Pictures definitely lends credence to the theory that it could be a secret Cloverfield sequel, especially because it also falls squarely into that subgenre of apocalyptic sci-fi horror. Spoilers here: Sadly, we don’t get any firm confirmation either way within the movie. But the more you learn about the nature of the apocalypse in A Quiet Place, the more it seems like this story could neatly fold into the Cloverfield multiverse. Right now it might not look like a Cloverfield movie, but integrating it down the line could be a direction to take a potential sequel.

Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe play siblings Regan and Marcus Abbott in 'A Quiet Place'.

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The events in The Cloverfield Paradox shattered reality across dimensions, causing giant monsters to appear in some and weird aliens in others. The creatures in A Quiet Place are totally different than those in 10 Cloverfield Lane, but they do look a little bit like much smaller versions of the original Cloverfield monster. And A Quiet Place is full of details that resonate with Cloverfield. Some kind of debris from space crash-landing on Earth? Otherworldly monsters attacking humanity?

To be fair, almost any sci-fi horror can fit into Cloverfield these days, but the whole vibe of A Quiet Place feels so much like if somebody made Signs as a Cloverfield movie. Technology plays a big part in a way we won’t spoil here, but everything is in the spirit of Cloverfield. It also helps that A Quiet Place director and star John Krasinski was once supposedly involved with The Cloverfield Paradox when it was still called God Particle.

A Quiet Place’s original writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods have expressed interest in pursuing more stories set within the world presented in the film. For all we know, that could mean integrating A Quiet Place into the Cloverfield multiverse in a few years, or just a direct sequel.

Whether or not A Quiet Place does one day make it into the Cloverfield multiverse, the film is good enough to forever stand on its own. In fact, it’s probably better than every Cloverfield movie combined. Or maybe it’s just the best Cloverfield movie ever, and we don’t know it yet?

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