X-Men Week

Into the Multiverse

How one X-Men character could solve Marvel’s biggest mutant problem

Marvel Studios can bring the X-Men to life. One slick, fan-favorite mutant could play a key role in that process.

Let There Be Carnage

How Venom 2 secretly reveals the first Mutant in the MCU

Shriek may be way more important than you think.


Why Wolverine coming to the MCU could fix a major Marvel casting problem

The most popular mutant will eventually appear in the MCU. But how should he look?

Eternally waiting

X-Men MCU theory reveals Marvel's most important movie isn't what you think

How will the X-Men join the MCU? The answer could lie in an unlikely upcoming Marvel Studios movie.

The Gutter

Mutants in the MCU: 4 major ways Marvel will improve the Fox movies

After 20 years of X-Men films, Marvel’s reboot of the franchise could be the best iteration yet.

An impostor among us

Spider-Man 3 theory reveals a Mutant hiding in plain sight

Everything is not what it seems.

Multiverse of Madness

'Doctor Strange 2' theory: X-Men leak fixes the worst part of 'WandaVision'

Rumor has it, 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' could be the first movie to bring Mutants into the MCU. Here's what that means.

Multiverse of Madness

'Doctor Strange 2' leak reveals the MCU's incredible first X-Men character

'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' is shaping up to be the biggest movie in Marvel's Phase 4. Now a new leak may reveal a major X-Men cameo in the upcoming film.

Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange 2 leak reveals how one powerful Mutant will join the MCU

The X-Men are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe... but will one character get there first?

Weapon X

'Avengers 5' theory reveals how mutants will blow the MCU wide open

It may all connect back to the Super Soldier program.


Falcon and Winter Soldier theory reveals Marvel already introduced one X-Men villain

We didn’t get Wolverine, but maybe we got someone even better.

Tabula Rasa

Deadpool MCU theory solves Marvel’s biggest X-Men problem

But these mutants won’t be the ones you’re used to.


Eternals trailer reveals a huge X-Men problem facing the MCU

Mutants are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Eternals reveals just how difficult introducing the X-Men will be.

For all mutantkind

Eternals theory: One change from the comics reveals how X-Men join the MCU

Marvel is changing a crucial detail about the Eternals, and it could explain how mutants join the MCU.

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The most underrated X-Men movie is now streaming on HBO Max

'X-Men: First Class,' about a young Magneto and Professor X, is far better than its reputation suggests.

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You need to watch the best arthouse superhero movie of 2017 for free online ASAP

Joachim Trier's 'Thelma' is like a Norwegian arthouse take on an X-Men origin story. Here's why you need to check it out, and how to watch it for free online.