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The Superhero Issue

Beyond X-Men: 6 examples of real-life mutants


Forget the Avengers, the best Spider-Man crossover is this '80s cartoon

He's usually a solo hero, but even Spider-Man makes exceptions.

The Superhero Issue

The 15 Best Non-MCU Marvel Movies

The Superhero Issue

The best X-Men game gets one fundamental thing wrong about superheroes

In 1992, Konami’s X-Men reigned supreme.

Mutant brainchild

Avengers 5 could introduce an X-Men villain more destructive than Thanos

It could take the combined strength of the X-Men and Avengers to defeat this baddie.

It's a plan, bub

An old MCU villain may have set up the X-Men's Avengers 5 debut

The MCU may have already laid the groundwork for the X-Men's arrival.

X-Men Week

Meet Marvel's new X-Men

We cast our 35 favorite X-Men characters for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You're welcome, Disney.

X-Men Week

Marvel's most underrated superhero show deserves another chance

Wolverine and the X-Men might not be the most popular superhero cartoon, but it's one of the best things Marvel's ever done (animated or otherwise).

Lightning strikes

Avengers: Endgame Easter egg could set up an iconic X-Men's introduction

A brief scene with Peggy Carter may have been teasing an important X-Men character.

X-Men Week

How X-Men melted Senator Kelly

"Winging it in visual effects is a very dangerous business."

X-Men Week

No Rogue, more Sentinels: The 5 biggest changes in the original X-Men script

Magneto was almost even more of a badass in the 20-year-old movie.

X-Men Week

20 years later, X-Men exposes the biggest flaw of Marvel's Cinematic Universe

In defense of Storm vs. Toad.