X-Men Week

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The weirdest superhero movie of the century is finally streaming on HBO Max

Fan theories

'Falcon and Winter Soldier' theory: We already met a major X-Men villain


The weirdest superhero movie of the century is finally streaming on HBO Max

Few gave The New Mutants a chance when it came out in August 2020. Now, on HBO Max, it gets a second shot at life.

Welcome to Madripoor

Falcon and Winter Soldier Easter egg reveals a shocking X-Men connection

The Marvel series just paid homage to a very notable establishment from the comics.

On Your Left

Did Falcon and Winter Soldier just reveal the MCU’s first X-Men?

A very minor X-Men character made their MCU debut in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But who?

Fan theories

Falcon and Winter Soldier theory: MCU Mutants are hiding in plain sight

Rumor has it Marvel will tease the X-Men at some point soon, but what if we've already met our first mutant?


Marvel leak may reveal how 1 Mutant solves a huge MCU/X-Men plothole

Will Marvel’s first X-Men movie star Moira... or Moira X?


Marvel leak says Mutants are coming to the MCU sooner than we thought

If this is Marvel’s plan, it’s pretty amazing.


Huge Marvel leak may reveal the brilliant way Mutants join the MCU

A mega new Marvel spoilers reveal exciting details about "Mutants," Doctor Strange 2, Fantastic Four, and more.

'Splainin to Do

WandaVision Ralph Bohner theory solves a huge unanswered mystery

It’s secret identities all the way down.

X-Plainin' to Do

'WandaVision' Professor X cameo theory: What it means for the MCU

'Splainin to do

WandaVision finale predictions: 1 movie reveals Pietro's multiverse origins

Agatha says Uncle Pietro is "Fietro," but is that the end of the story?