X-Men Week

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Deadpool MCU theory solves Marvel’s biggest X-Men problem

But these mutants won’t be the ones you’re used to.


Eternals trailer reveals a huge X-Men problem facing the MCU

Mutants are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Eternals reveals just how difficult introducing the X-Men will be.

For all mutantkind

Eternals theory: One change from the comics reveals how X-Men join the MCU

Marvel is changing a crucial detail about the Eternals, and it could explain how mutants join the MCU.

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The most underrated X-Men movie is now streaming on HBO Max

'X-Men: First Class,' about a young Magneto and Professor X, is far better than its reputation suggests.

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You need to watch the best arthouse superhero movie of 2017 for free online ASAP


Ant-Man 3 casting leak may reveal how the first X-Men joins the MCU

Are you ready to be dazzled?

No, More Mutants

Avengers: Endgame theory reveals how one hero already created the X-Men

One Avenger’s sacrifice could have lasting ramifications for mutants in the MCU.


'New Mutants' is the perfect end to Fox's failed X-Men cinematic universe

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The weirdest superhero movie of the century is finally streaming on HBO Max

Fan theories

'Falcon and Winter Soldier' theory: We already met a major X-Men villain


The weirdest superhero movie of the century is finally streaming on HBO Max

Few gave The New Mutants a chance when it came out in August 2020. Now, on HBO Max, it gets a second shot at life.

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Falcon and Winter Soldier Easter egg reveals a shocking X-Men connection

The Marvel series just paid homage to a very notable establishment from the comics.