X-Men Week

Entering the Multiverse

Wandavision's X-Men connection is stronger than we thought, leak suggests

The possibilities are endless.


Marvel Netflix shows: Kevin Feige gives a promising update for Daredevil fans


Avengers 5 could introduce an immortal X-Men villain more evil than Thanos

Everyone in the Danger Room!


Marvel's X-Men reboot needs to learn these 10 lessons from the Fox movies

Marvel Studios now owns the X-Men. Will they learn the lessons of the X-Men's previous films?

X-Men Assembled

MCU X-Men theory reveals 1 jaw-dropping way Captain America could return

Highway to the Danger Room.

Supervillains anonymous

Avengers 5 could reveal an X-Men connection no one saw coming

The X-Men might finally join the MCU in a totally unexpected way.

The Superhero Issue

Beyond X-Men: 6 examples of real-life mutants


Forget the Avengers, the best Spider-Man crossover is this '80s cartoon

He's usually a solo hero, but even Spider-Man makes exceptions.

The Superhero Issue

The 15 Best Non-MCU Marvel Movies

The Superhero Issue

The best X-Men game gets one fundamental thing wrong about superheroes

In 1992, Konami’s X-Men reigned supreme.

Mutant brainchild

Avengers 5 could introduce an X-Men villain more destructive than Thanos

It could take the combined strength of the X-Men and Avengers to defeat this baddie.

It's a plan, bub

An old MCU villain may have set up the X-Men's Avengers 5 debut

The MCU may have already laid the groundwork for the X-Men's arrival.