Everything You Need to Know About X-Men ‘97’s Season 1 Finale

The animated series is poised for an epic conclusion.

Magneto (voiced by Matthew Waterson) in X-Men '97
Marvel Studios

To me, my X-Men fans! After nine eventful episodes, X-Men ‘97 is bringing its stellar first season to a close. Fortunately, this isn’t the end for the animated series: Marvel Studios is currently developing a second season. Fans likely won’t have to wait too long for the adventures to continue, but a definitive release hasn’t been announced just yet.

Until the X-Men team locks down a release date for Season 2, we do still have the Season 1 finale on the horizon. Here’s everything you need to know about the finale, X-Men ‘97 Episode 10, and the future of the series on the whole.

In “Tolerance Is Extinction,” the X-Men face their biggest threat yet.

Marvel Studios

What is X-Men ‘97 Episode 10’s release date?

X-Men ‘97 Episode 10, titled “Tolerance Is Extinction - Part 3,” will be available to stream on Wednesday, May 15 at 3:00 AM EST.

What time does X-Men ‘97 Episode 10 stream on Disney+?

Unlike recent primetime releases on Disney+, X-Men ‘97 hits the streamer at midnight PST/3:00 am EST. As this is X-Men ‘97’s finale, spoilers may abound of social media, so it may be wise to catch the episode as soon as possible.

Does X-Men ‘97 Episode 10 have a trailer?

There are no episode-specific trailers for X-Men ‘97, but the back half of the season does have its own teaser. Check out the final trailer for the series below.

What is the plot of X-Men ‘97 Episode 10?

X-Men ‘97’s penultimate episode ended on a shocking cliffhanger: the eponymous team is locked in a battle with two very different villains. On one hand, they’ve got Bastion, a technopath and the creator of the Prime Sentinels. The villain wisely had Magneto imprisoned while he enacted the newest stage of his master plan, Operation Zero Tolerance. It didn’t take long for Magneto to escape, however — and with the Master of Magnetism on a war path of his own, the X-Men have two threats to deal with.

In “Tolerance Is Extinction - Part 2,” the team split up to deal with the respective antagonists. Things are looking dire for Blue team, who were tasked with bringing down Bastion and Mister Sinister. And the same could be said for Gold team, who confronted Magneto on his floating stronghold, Asteroid M. “Part 2” ended with one serious casualty, with Magneto stripping the adamantium coating off Wolverine’s skeleton. The fate of the rest of the team is still up in the air, but “Part 3” will have to bring an end to this story one way or another.

Will X-Men ‘97 get a Season 2?

Yes! Season 2 is already underway — though the departure of showrunner Beau De Mayo might speak to some trouble behind the scenes. It’ll be interesting to see how the series moves on without De Mayo, but given the team Marvel has assembled, X-Men ‘97 is definitely in good hands.

X-Men ‘97 is currently streaming on Disney+.

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