Yellow iPhone 14 Review: Yellow Beyond a Doubt

We compare the yellow iPhone 14 with other yellow things to get to the bottom of this yellow mystery.

A yellow iPhone 14 plus
Photography by Raymond Wong
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I hate to be the one to tell you this but the new yellow iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, available for pre-order today, March 10, starting at $799 and available starting Tuesday, March 14, is yellow. If you’re looking for a yellow iPhone 14 that is not yellow, then I suggest looking at the other colors Apple sells because this new iPhone is the same as the regular iPhone 14.

That means the yellow iPhone 14 is everything that is great about the non-yellow iPhone 14: It’s extremely fast thanks to its A15 Bionic chip (the version lifted from the iPhone 13 Pros); the dual 12-megapixel main and ultrawide cameras take fantastic photos; the 12-megapixel selfie camera now has autofocus; the battery life is tops with the iPhone 14 Plus still holding onto its title as the longest-lasting iPhone ever.

On the flip side, the yellow iPhone 14 has the same “downsides” — I put that in quotations because they’re only downsides to some people, mainly people who are seeing more differences on the iPhone 14 Pros. The Super Retina XDR display is only 60Hz instead of 120Hz ProMotion; there’s no always-on display. There’s no physical SIM card tray, only eSIM support. It has a notch instead of the Dynamic Island. The main camera is only 12 megapixels instead of 48 megapixels on the iPhone 14 Pros; there’s no third telephoto lens on the rear; no macro mode; no LiDAR scanner either.

You know, just go read my iPhone 14 / 14 Plus review! You’ll find sample camera photos and most likely the answers to any questions you’re looking for. For all other questions, just ask me — I’m replying to everyone! Here’s my iPhone 14 Pro review, too, if you’re reading all of this and nodding along with its more premium features.

How Yellow is the Yellow iPhone 14?

Photography by Raymond Wong

As far as yellow iPhones go, the yellow iPhone 14 is a shade that sits between the yellow iPhone 11 released in 2019 and the yellow iPhone XR sold in 2018. It is a yellow that at times looks lighter and darker — like any color. It can look like a pastel yellow, but also a deeper one. It’s not as dark as cheese or NYC cab yellow. Wouldn’t you know — the yellow appears differently under different light temperatures! I have said on the record that the only One True Yellow iPhone is the yellow iPhone XR; my mom, who loves her yellow iPhone XR, agrees. She had no interest in the yellow iPhone 11, which is a pastel, steamed egg yellow.

I showed my mom the yellow iPhone 14 over FaceTime and asked for her thoughts. I quote her directly: “OMG, a new yellow iPhone? How yellow is it? I need to see it in person.”

My mom is spot on. While I’ve done my best to edit the below photos to show the yellow iPhone 14 as accurately as possible, the best way to confirm whether this yellow is for you is to visit an Apple Store. For your yellow judgment, here’s the yellow iPhone 14 next to a bunch of common yellow-colored things. Don’t blame me if it’s not a yellow that suits your liking.

Yellow iPhone 14 vs. Banana

The yellow iPhone 14 is not as deep of a yellow as a banana.

Photography by Raymond Wong

Yellow iPhone 14 vs. Yellow Nokia Lumia 1020

Many people believe this is the Only Yellow Phone That Matters. Not hard to see why. RIP Windows Phone tho.

Photography by Raymond Wong

Yellow iPhone 14 vs. Lemongrass Pixel 7

Which yellow do you prefer? Lemongrass Pixel 7 or yellow iPhone 14?

Photography by Raymond Wong

Yellow iPhone 14 vs. Yellow iPad

The yellow iPhone 14 has a glass back compared to the anodized aluminum on the yellow iPad (10th-gen). Naturally, the yellow iPad is more metallic.

Photography by Raymond Wong

The aluminum on the iPhone 14 is anodized to the same yellow as the yellow iPad (10th-gen).

Photography by Raymond Wong

Yellow iPhone 14 vs. Yellow Taxi Cab

I much prefer the yellow iPhone 14 over the cheese yellow of a New York City cab.

Photography by Raymond Wong

Yellow iPhone 14 vs. Cheerios Box

This yellow Cheerios box almost fooled me. But alas, the yellow iPhone 14 is lighter.

Photography by Raymond Wong

Yellow iPhone 14 vs. Pelican Case

Believe it or not, this yellow Pelican case is filled with a decade of iPhones that I’ve purchased. They’re like yearbooks for me.

Photography by Raymond Wong

Yellow iPhone 14 vs. Yellow Lay’s Chips

I’m getting hungry again looking at this picture.

Photography by Raymond Wong

Yellow iPhone 14 vs. Snap Pixy

Snap’s Pixy “flying camera” (don’t call it a drone) is the kind of yellow that makes you smile.

Photography by Raymond Wong

Yellow iPhone 14 with Official Yellow Silicone Case

Yellow on yellow is pretty damn yellow.

Photography by Raymond Wong

Yellow iPhone 14 vs. Lemons

Mmmm... lemonade.

Photography by Raymond Wong

Yellow iPhone 14 vs. Yellow Cleaning Cloth and Sponge

I am just discovering I like yellow.

Photography by Raymond Wong

Yellow iPhone 14 vs. Yellow Pikachu Tin Box

Can confirm Pikachu is a darker yellow than the yellow iPhone 14.

Photography by Raymond Wong

Really wish this yellow Pikachu case for my iPhone 12 fit the yellow iPhone 14 :(

Photography by Raymond Wong

Should You Buy the Yellow iPhone?

Definitely, if you like yellow. Otherwise no — why would you buy a yellow iPhone 14 if you prefer blue, Midnight, purple, red, or Starlight? It’s not rocket science, it’s a color. If you simply do not care about the color of your iPhone because you’re going to slap a non-clear case on it, covering virtually all of its surface area, then sure, why not, get the yellow iPhone 14. It’ll work just like any non-yellow iPhone 14. Unless the thought of having a yellow iPhone 14 covered up with a case will keep you up at night, then get another color.

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