This Stackable Xbox Controller Helps Gamers With Disabilities Play One with One Hand

A big win for gamers with disabilities.

Proteus Controller for Xbox

Gaming is meant for everyone and Microsoft’s latest controller embodies that perfectly. Xbox’s parent company revealed the Proteus Controller, which was created in collaboration with the Designed for Xbox team and ByoWave, and unlike your typical Xbox controller, it features a modular design that lets you build it out to fit your needs.

It’s meant for one-handed gamers, those with mobility issues or chronic pain, or anyone who finds the traditional controller design uncomfortable. While it’s aimed at providing more accessibility for gamers, the near-unlimited possibilities of how you can configure the Proteus Controller might also spark some more imaginative controllers in the future.

A Truly Custom Controller

ByoWave’s controller kit comes with “snap and play” modules that let you pop the parts in and out of each other for a build that’s unique to you. You’ll find all your traditional controller components like the A, B, X, and Y buttons, Hall-effect analog sticks and triggers, a D-pad, and more, but they’re separated into individual modules. ByoWave said that you can connect up to 30 modules, which does require buying more than one kit. Even better, you can build the Proteus Controller to your specifications with just one hand thanks to how easy the modules connect and disconnect. In the future, ByoWave wants to provide a tool to make the process even easier for one-handed gamers.

Everything about the Proteus is modular.


It’s worth noting that the Proteus Controller doesn’t have rumble or haptic feedback, nor an audio jack. ByoWave explained that the controller’s size didn’t allow for the space, but there’s a possibility they can create a module that adds those features later on. As of now, the controller only works for Xbox and PC, so Nintendo and PlayStation gamers will have to find other solutions.

We can’t forget that Microsoft already has its own Xbox-branded controller meant for those with disabilities. Unlike the Proteus Controller, the Xbox Adaptive Controller leans on accessories that plug into the controller’s many 3.5mm jacks to offer easier controls. However, along with the Proteus Controller announcement, Microsoft updated the Xbox Adaptive Controller to support more accessories with USB 2.0 ports on the side.

Design the Proteus Controller how you want with all the different modules.


Prohibitive Price

As much as the Proteus Controller represents a step in the right direction for gaming accessibility, this thing is not cheap. It costs $299 but there’s currently a discounted preorder price of $255 for a limited time which is more expensive than you might want or think an accessible controller ought to be.

Still, there aren’t many “snap and play” designs like ByoWave’s controller, so the only other substitute would be the Xbox Adaptive Controller that goes for $100 without any of the accessories. The Proteus Controller is up for preorder now on ByoWave’s website, but the first units are expected to ship in the fall.

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