I Can’t Stop Myself From Wanting Microsoft’s New Swirly Xbox Controller

Once again Xbox introduces a new official controller that I do not need but desperately want.

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Xbox Dream Vapor Special Edition wireless Bluetooth controller.

Microsoft has been crushing the controller game. Not in terms of durability necessarily — I actually have lots of qualms with the build quality of some of my previous Xbox controllers (spoiler alert: those complaints have everything to do with stick drift).

But when it comes to style, I can count on wanting to open up my wallet several times a year to nab an official controller with lots of moxy.

Vapor Xbox Wireless Controller

That admiration for Xbox’s distinct controller colorways now extends to the Vapor Xbox Wireless Controller collection, which brings a few vapor-like patterns to the already vibrant array of Xbox gamepad designs.

Altogether, there are six different color configurations for the top case — Electric Vapor, Nocturnal Vapor, Fire Vapor, Stormcloud Vapor (which was previously released), Cyber Vapor, and Dream Vapor.

The full array of Xbox Vapor-series wireless controllers.


My personal favorite — aka the one I’m seriously considering dropping money on — is the Dream Vapor (soft pink and purple swirls), especially when paired with the brownish-yellow joysticks seen below. These new colors, for the record, build on a previous color option called Stormcloud Vapor, which is a broody mix of dark and navy blues, also in a swirly pattern.

This could be us if we spent too much money.


For the uninitiated, all the new Vapor colors are selectable via the Xbox Design Lab, which means you can also customize the rest of the controller including different button and thumbstick styles, metallic triggers and D-pads, rubber side and back grips. And as Xbox notes, you can even throw an engraving on that sucker.

If you’re not in the mood to customize everything, you could also just opt for the pre-configured Dream Vapor controller, which comes with matching soft pink joysticks. Do I need any of these realistically? No. No, I do not. Do I want them? Well, I think you know where I stand on that.

Xbox Vapor Controller Price and Release Date

If you’re itching to get your hands on one (even if you don’t need it like me), you can do so now. All the Vapor-series top plates can be selected through the Xbox Design Lab right now, and you can also pre-order the pre-configured Dream Vapor controller right now for $69.99. That controller officially releases on February 6.

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