This Modular Xbox Controller Is One of the Most Customizable Gamepads You Can Buy

It even includes a module that’s perfect for fighting games.

Can’t decide between inline or asymmetrical joysticks on your Xbox controllers? Well, now you don’t have to.

Victrix revealed its Pro BFG controller that’s now compatible with Xbox, allowing you to flip around the left-side joystick and D-pad and swap out the right-side modules as you please. There are a lot of pro Xbox controllers out there with fancy features like a mini-screen or transparent shell, but not many with this level of customization.

Victrix's previous edition of its Pro BFG controller was limited to PlayStation and PC compatibility, but this version is officially licensed by Xbox. Victrix wasn’t the first to introduce a modular design to an Xbox controller since Thrustmaster already did that with its Eswap X Pro. Questionable brand name aside, the Thrustmaster controller doesn’t offer a fighting pad module.

The fight pad module is a genius design.



Victrix’s Pro BFG controller’s standout feature lets you yank out the joystick and button modules and replace them however you want. On the left side, you can flip the module for either an inline joystick design like PlayStation controllers or an offset positioning like Xbox. On the right side, you can replace the joystick and four-button layout with a six-button module that’s specifically designed for fighting games. For even further customization, you can switch between four interchangeable joystick styles and three different D-pad designs.

Like other pro controllers, the Pro BFG has four mappable back buttons and adjustable Hall-effect triggers. There’s even a profile button that lets you quickly switch between three presets, so you can set one for fighting games, another for first-person shooters, and another for driving games.

You’re a quick swap away from the perfect controller setup for whatever game you’re playing.


You have the choice to go wireless with a USB-A dongle that will give you 20 hours of untethered gaming. If you’re looking for reliability, you can just plug in the Pro BFG with the included cable. It’s worth noting that Victrix’s controller doesn’t do haptic feedback or adaptive triggers like Sony’s DualSense controllers, but Xbox’s Elite Wireless controller skips out on these features too.


Victrix says preorders for its Pro BFG controller made for Xbox will start in January 2024, while the first deliveries will come a month after. It’s a pricey investment at $179.99, but one that’s worth it if you value a controller that can transform to fit the game. The Pro BFG will come in white, black, and midnight blue. Beyond the actual controller, Victrix says it will be making Hall Effect Stick Modules that will work with both its Xbox and PlayStation modular controllers in early 2024.

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