Super73’s Retro-Looking E-Bikes Just Got a Muscle Car Makeover

Along with interchangeable batteries and upgraded throttles.

Super73's refreshed e-bikes with the Bandit SE, Palladium SE, and Speedway LE colorways.

Super73’s penchant for a refreshed old-school aesthetic is still alive and kicking. Inspired by the classic American muscle car and motorsports, Super73’s e-bikes for the model year 2024 don three new limited-run colorways: the Bandit SE, the Palladium SE, and the Speedway LE.

According to Super73’s co-founder and CEO, LeGrand Crewse, the company listened to customer feedback when it came to upgrading its latest e-bikes. As a result, the new-and-improved e-bikes feature a more durable throttle design, an interchangeable battery system, and numbered badging on the limited-edition colorways to give a sense of uniqueness.

Super73 upgraded its 2024 e-bikes with UL-compliant batteries.


Embracing the Retro Look

The old-school styling of the new paint jobs gives each of the Super73 e-bikes even more of a retro-futuristic vibe. While subtle, the Bandit SE option blacks out the e-bike and adds spots of gold trim that are reminiscent of old-school muscle cars. If you’re looking for something more refined, the Palladium SE models are covered in a dark gray but have a brown seat for a pop of color. Lastly, the Speedway LE was inspired by old-school motorsports with its standout silver frame.

It’s not just cosmetic changes. Super73 went with a revamped, swappable battery system. The relabeled 500 Pro Battery gets 25 to 35 miles, while the 750 Pro Battery can achieve 35 to 45 miles. If you’re looking for the most range and performance, that’s reserved for the 1,000 Pro Battery that can get between 40 to 55 miles.

Since they’re all interchangeable, you can upgrade your Super73 e-bike down the line by swapping it for a more powerful battery. Even better, Super73’s new batteries are UL-compliant now meaning you don’t have to worry as much about potential fire hazards. On top of the battery changes, Super73 also upgraded the throttle to be more durable after many complaints of faulty throttles with its previous models.

The Super73-Z Miami in Bandit SE.


The Super73-ZX in Palladium SE.


The Super73-R Adventure Series in Speedway LE.

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Find the Perfect Option For You

For the most affordable option amongst Super73’s refreshed e-bikes, you can get the Z Miami in Panthro Blue, starting at $1,995. If you want the limited edition or special edition colorways, you’ll have to pay a few hundred bucks extra. Unfortunately, Super73 didn’t update the S2 with any of the motorsports-inspired colors, but you can get the improved model in Sandstorm or Panthro Blue starting at $3,295. At the top end, the Super73-R Adventure Series is available in the special edition Bandit and Palladium colors for $4,295, while the Speedway LE version will cost $4,595.

You can decide for yourself which of the new models you want on Super73’s website, but the company says they’ll be available in mid-May. The first deliveries are expected in early June.

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