Subaru’s Mysterious New EV Looks Fast and Futuristic

The conceptual EV will be on display in Japan later this month.

Subaru Sport Mobility concept teaser

Subaru is drumming up some hype for its EVs with a new all-electric concept, the Sport Mobility. As vague as that name sounds, Subaru’s dark teaser image is equally as unclear since it only reveals a sporty body and illuminated accents. Still, a fully electric, sporty Subaru is enough to grab our attention.

Given the language that Subaru is using to market the mysterious EV — “going anywhere” and “extraordinary environments” — we’re guessing that the Japanese automaker wants to package an all-wheel drive configuration into a roadster-style EV.

Could this concept contribute to an all-electric Subaru BRZ?



From the sole image, we can see that Subaru went with a two-door body that could indicate a futuristic electrified version of its BRZ compact sports car. There’s an illuminated Subaru badge at the front of the hood, joined by slim LED lights on its side. There’s also a faint indication that there will be something at the top of the windshield that could be a unique dashboard or self-driving features; hard to say for sure. At the bottom, the Sport Mobility concept opts for squared-off wheel arches, instead of the traditional rounded design.

With only the Solterra in its current EV lineup, Subaru is behind when it comes to offering fully electric options. This Sport Mobility concept may not ever make it into production, but it does indicate that Subaru is serious about electrifying its portfolio beyond its popular SUV models.

While Subaru’s BRZ model isn’t its best-selling, there’s a loyal following who may be eager to see an electrified version of this rear-wheel drive sports car.

The latest model Solterra SUV will also be on display alongside the Sport Mobility concept.



Subaru will debut its Sport Mobility concept at the Japan Mobility Show later this month, from October 27 to November 5. Besides the all-electric concept, Subaru will show off its other models that are headed towards production. In terms of EVs, Subaru will also showcase its latest Solterra model, which is still looking to shake its rocky start after an early recall.

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