This Cargo E-Bike Will be the First to Run on Solar Power

Get even more range on sunny days.

Infinite Mobility's Inga solar-powered e-bike
Infinite Mobility

Sunny day bike rides are about to get even better.

Infinite Mobility, an e-bike startup out of Norway, revealed its solar-powered cargo e-bike called the Inga. We’ve seen plenty of cargo e-bikes out there trying to replace EVs, but we’ve yet to discover e-bikes with solar panels. That’s not surprising since most e-bikes feature a minimalist design that can’t accommodate something as bulky as solar panels.

However, the storage box on a cargo e-bike is a perfect place to slap on some solar panels. The e-bike startup claims that a few hours in the sun is more than enough to cover your daily commuting needs. If that sounds familiar, it’s because the Inga reminds us of another ambitious idea called the Lightyear 2. While that solar-powered EV has since been scrapped, the Inga seems like a much more achievable design.

The Inga’s storage box can fit your cargo and three solar panels.

Infinite Mobility

More Fun in the Sun

Unlike the Lightyear 2, the Inga only has its solar panels integrated into its cargo box up front, which totals 160W. According to Infinite Mobility, the Inga can get up to 50 km, or around 31 miles, of extra range just from solar power. On top of that, the company’s CEO Moez Jomâa told PV Magazine that an entire day in the sun can recharge the battery from zero to full.

On its own, the Inga has a range of 60 km, or around 37 miles, thanks to a 16.5Ah battery. That may not seem like a lot, but remember that you’re always recharging while biking around in the sun so your range estimate will be more than that. The Inga also uses a 100Nm motor that maxes out at 25km/h, or around 15 mph.

The Inga will run on 20-inch wheels in the front and 26-inch wheels in the back. Since it’s a cargo e-bike, it can handle a max payload of around 550 lbs. The storage box even comes with a removable cover. According to PV Magazine, Infinite Mobility wants to create an app that lets owners track Inga’s performance, battery health, and other important stats.

The usefulness of the solar panels will vary, but you can always charge the Inga normally.

Infinite Mobility

Another Model in the Works

According to PV Magazine, Infinite Mobility plans to ship prototypes of its Inga e-bike to select bike shops in Europe for feedback. After that, the company wants to start production on the Inga next month. However, Infinite Mobility still hasn’t offered any pricing or release date details yet.

Even though the Inga isn’t officially out yet, Infinite Mobility is already working on a second model called the Løkka that uses a three-wheel design. The Løkka’s frame allows for a larger cargo storage box, meaning more solar panels. Infinite Mobility even claimed that this upcoming solar-powered e-bike could run for months without the need to charge through the grid.

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