7 Useful Ways Apple Is Planning to Fix Siri With AI

People might actually use Siri for more than setting a timer now.

Siri surrounded by Apple devices

WWDC 2024 is 10 days away, but the steady drip of leaks about the AI upgrades coming in iOS 18 isn’t stopping.

We’ve heard Apple’s much-neglected Siri will get a big upgrade with a more natural voice and better responses. However, Siri is getting a much more comprehensive revamp than we first thought, according to the latest Bloomberg report that claims iOS 18 will bring an updated Siri that can control specific app functions (like within the Notes, Mail, and Files apps), among a bunch of other AI-centric features.

1. Open Individual Documents

Instead of digging through the Files app, just summon Siri for a specific document.


The current state of Siri has most people using it for simple tasks, but the big revamp will reportedly let the AI assistant handle more precise requests. Bloomberg reports that the new AI-infused Siri will be able to open individual documents, which means it could navigate your messy Files app like a personal librarian.

2. Move Notes Between Folders

Siri can organize all the random blurbs you have scattered throughout your Notes app.


Most people I know are like me: We scribble down notes for all the random thoughts that pop into our heads. With AI, the new Siri is rumored to have the ability to organize your Apple Notes for you, moving them between folders.

3. Send or Delete Emails

Task Siri with handling those boring emails.


Manually sorting an email account to get to Inbox Zero is not something most people would consider fun. So why not let an assistant like Siri manage your inbox for you? Instead of combing through unnecessary emails yourself, Bloomberg says you’ll be able to tell Siri to, for example, delete all the spam emails. If you’re bold enough, Siri will even be able to send emails on your behalf.

4. Open a Specific Article in Apple News

Let Siri dig through the mountain of news each day.


If you don’t want to go through the Apple News app yourself, Siri could soon be smart enough to help you find the exact news article you’re looking for. It might sound like a simple timesaver for us, but it demonstrates how AI is better at digging through things than us.

5. Summarize a News Article

Get Siri to give you the daily rundown of news stories instead.


Sometimes you don’t have the time to go through an entire news article. Per Bloomberg, Siri will soon be smart enough to summarize a story on Apple News for you. This may not be that impressive in terms of AI capability, but it’s still useful when you’re short on time or too lazy to read a long feature.

6. Emailing a Web Link

Send over web links just by asking Siri.


If you find an incredible recipe you want to share or want to let someone know the details of an upcoming event, have Siri email the link instead. It’ll beat going to the website and tapping through a few share buttons. Siri will reportedly get it done much quicker with natural language.

7. Do This Thing, Then That

You don’t have to ask your requests one by one with the new Siri.


Unlike how Siri handles singular or consecutive commands currently, the updated version will understand if you chain multiple requests into one. For example, the new Siri can summarize a recorded meeting, then text over the summary or crop a picture, and then email it to someone, according to Bloomberg.

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