How GPT-4o Will Make Humane’s Ai Pin a lot Faster and More Accurate

Could this be the upgrade we were waiting for?

Humane Ai Pin

Humane says its Ai Pin is about to get a whole lot smarter and it’s all thanks to OpenAI’s latest ChatGPT update.

The company says it’s beginning to incorporate GPT-4o into its Ai Pin, which is already mostly powered by ChatGPT and its large language models — a move that could mean better and more natural performance across the board. On top of that, Humane has a chance to amend the Ai Pin’s very rocky launch.

Better Performance Across the Board

It was easy to dismiss the Ai Pin after its initial launch; the device’s latency, unreliable performance, and failure to answer requests, were among the biggest and most frequent complaints.

George Kedenburg, product design lead at Humane, posted on X that GPT-4o represents a major improvement for the Ai Pin, however. The update is still in early testing, but Kedenburg indicated that these enhanced Ai Pins have a 14 percent decrease in latency, offer responses that are 28 percent shorter, and give 33 percent fewer bad answers. He added that the Ai Pin “feels smarter and more accurate” overall.

Even Humane’s co-founder and chairman, Imran Chaudri, shared a demo on X of his Ai Pin and the company’s custom OS, called cosmOS, which runs both GPT-4o and Google’s Gemini. While playing an I spy-like game, Chaudri’s demo still shows some latency but the Ai Pin seems to understand and respond to follow-up questions much quicker.

Looking at GPT-4o’s capabilities, it’s clear why the Ai Pin would benefit from it. According to OpenAI, its newest model can respond to audio inputs as fast as 232 milliseconds. GPT-4o is also much better at understanding visual and audio cues compared to the existing models. Even if the Ai Pin doesn’t get GPT-4o’s new capabilities ranging from solving handwritten math problems to singing an improvised bedtime story, it should still feel more fluid.

An Ever-Evolving Design

With the Ai Pin’s expected integration of GPT-4o, Humane is taking the first step in the right direction for its AI device. These AI gadgets, like Rabbit’s R1, may not feel like a finished product on release, but that’s the point. Both the Ai Pin and R1 are bound to improve over time since they were designed with perpetual software updates in mind.

We haven’t gotten a chance to see for ourselves if the Ai Pin has improved thanks to OpenAI’s update. According to Kedenburg, only the Humane staff’s Ai Pins have been updated with GPT-4o along with a small number of external devices in the hands of “trusted testers.” Still, if the Ai Pin performs as well as Kedenburg says, that’s a major boost in performance from the day one build.

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