7 Rabbit R1 Features That Will Be Fixed in the Next Software Updates

This is how to respond to customer feedback.

Rabbit R1 AI device

The Rabbit R1 might’ve been lacking at launch, but a couple of short weeks later, it’s already becoming a different product.

Rabbit CEO Jesse Lyu has been very receptive to early R1 customer feedback, and as a result, the company is pushing out rapid-fire updates to address specific concerns about the AI gadget. Don’t believe us? Just check Lyu’s pinned post on X.

Rabbit has already identified and fixed some initial issues, like battery drain and GPS-related services, but there are even more improvements on the way. Here are seven updates that Lyu has planned for the Rabbit R1 that could change the whole experience.

1. Shake Out of Settings

Shake in, adjust your settings, then shake out.

Photograph by Raymond Wong

Getting into the R1’s settings is easy: just shake he device. But once you’ve scrolled to a lower setting, the only way to exit the setting is to scroll back to the top and then press the push-to-talk button. Lyu says Rabbit is introducing a way to shake out of the settings panel instead, which should come in an update in the next few days.

2. Voice Recording Improvements

The R1’s mics are ready to record your audio notes.


The voice notes feature has quickly become a favorite for R1 users thanks to its simplicity and the ability to give you summaries, but the experience has been less than ideal in some cases with audio being too muffled and the feature being slow to load. Hopefully, an update to the feature — which is being rolled out “in the coming week” according to Lyu — should fix those hiccups.

3. Visual Cue for Vision Feature

You’ll be able to lay off the button once we get this visual cue update.


Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your R1 is still processing the voice prompt you just gave it. To make it more obvious, Rabbit plans to build a visual cue that will indicate that your R1 is working on your request. That means you won’t have to blindly wait after releasing the push-to-talk button. This update will come in an over-the-air update in 10 days.

4. Global Volume Control


Some users have expressed that it’s hard to adjust the volume and brightness on the R1 without thumbing through the settings (no, you can’t use voice prompts, either). To fix this, Rabbit wants to make a more accessible way to adjust the volume, which could include using the scroll wheel as a solution.

5. Full Log Access on Rabbithole (With Search)

Combing through your R1 log’s will be a whole lot easier.

rabbit / YouTube

Depending on how much you’ve been playing with your R1, your Rabbithole may be full of requests. That’s Rabbit’s all-in-one web portal that helps you manage the device itself and tracks all the actions completed. To make it easier to go through your logs, Rabbit plans to give users the ability to search through them.

6. Better Spotify Audio

Better music quality is on the way.

rabbit / YouTube

An observant R1 user pointed out on X that the device plays mono audio from Spotify when connected through Bluetooth. Lyu has already responded, saying that Rabbit is aware of this and will fix it through an over-the-air update with no timeline mentioned.

7. Making it Easier to Connect to Wi-Fi

The R1 can’t handle Wi-Fi servers that ask for more than a password right now.


The R1 may be able to handle simple Wi-Fi login requests at home, but once you start getting to those with additional prompts — public ones that may contain a login page — it runs into trouble. Rabbit is already on this, but Lyu adds that there will be a “more robust” version of its Wi-Fi settings to address this.

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