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Leaked Quest 3S Highlights How the Headset Could Cost Less Than the Quest 3

We're just hoping the passthrough is still decent.

Meta Quest 2

We’ve been hearing rumors about Meta working on a more affordable version of its Quest 3 headset since early last year, but we’ve yet to get any clues on what it could look like. Thanks to a Redditor who claims Meta has been doing user research meetings for its next headset, we could have some idea of the design now.

Since it’s just a leak from what’s likely to be early consumer research meetings, we have to take these images with a grain of salt. Meta could still tweak the design of its affordable follow-up to the Quest 3 once it’s scheduled for production. While it’s not Apple Vision Pro levels of sleek, it looks like Meta could tweak the design slightly and the camera positioning.

The Quest 3S looks like a decent affordable alternative to the existing Meta headset.

Lunayian / X

Slight Drop in Specs

Along with a potential first look at the Meta Quest 3S, we have some details listed in the PowerPoint slides. According to the slides, the entry-level headset will have a lower resolution of 1,832 and 1,920 and 20 pixels per degree (PPD) in each lens. The Quest 3S might also top out at 256GB for storage, compared to the Quest 3’s max option of 512GB. Looking at the difference in specs, the Quest 3S might still be worth it for those looking for a mixed-reality experience that’s smooth but won’t break the bank.

Going off the slides, it seems like Meta still wants to focus on mixed reality with the Quest 3S, which we’re hoping means that there won’t be any serious drop in passthrough capabilities. There were some rumors of Meta going with a cheaper Quest 3 with black-and-white passthrough cameras or no passthrough at all, but that seems unlikely given heated competition with Apple’s Vision Pro.

It looks like Meta is still focusing on mixed reality with the potential Quest 3s headset.

Lunayian / X

Apple Goes High, Meta Goes Low

While this latest leak hasn’t covered pricing at all, we’re expecting the Quest 3S to be a more affordable version of Meta’s existing Quest 3 headset that starts at $499.99. We don’t know how much cheaper it’ll be, but the follow-up headset should be slightly more expensive than the previous Quest 2 headset that’s still available for $249.99 considering the upgrades. That would line up with the “$250 and 250 grams” vision that former Meta exec, John Carmack, had for a “cost-effective mass-market” headset in 2022.

It may not have been Meta’s priority to develop an even more affordable headset back then, but the landscape has changed two years later. With Apple positioning its Vision Pro as the premium option, it’s the perfect time for Meta to go even more affordable. Still, Meta has yet to make any official announcements on a Quest 3S, but a previous roadmap leak says an “affordable” headset is due to be released sometime this year.

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