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This Quest 3 Demo Gives Super Mario 64 The First-Person VR Treatment We Need

Saving Princess Peach never felt so real.

First-person virtual reality demo of Super Mario 64
Reddit / u/yeldellmedia

We’ve already been wowed by people messing around with Super Mario 64 in mixed reality, but now ow we’re getting a teaser at what a Super Mario game could look like in full-blown virtual reality.

There’s no shortage of clever Quest 3 demos out there already, so it was only a matter of time before someone reimagined the classic Nintendo 64 game in first-person VR. Even though someone already made a mod back in 2018 that turns Super Mario 64 into a first-person game, we’ve never seen it translated into VR.


It’s far from a fully fleshed-out game, but it’s enough for us to get excited about a VR Super Mario game. Imagine having Princess Peach’s Castle as a backdrop while you’re running through levels collecting coins and mushrooms and dodging Whomps and Thwomps. The demo even incorporates Question Mark Blocks, even though those weren’t in the original game.

It is still a demo though, which means you can’t jump around, but you can interact with most of the items, including punching the Question Mark Block. Based on how hard it was to design a Mario demo in mixed reality, I’m sure it probably takes a lot of development to mirror Mario’s movement for a VR game.

Designing Super Mario 64 in mixed reality is hard enough, imagine the work behind replicating it in virtual reality.

u/llbsidezll / Reddit


We’re not sure if this VR Mario mod will ever become an actual game, but it was found by Redditor u/yeldellmedia, who also discovered an immersive way to watch movies in mixed reality.

This demo may not be an officially licensed product, but imagine if Nintendo actually was interested in making something like this. We’re willing to bet a VR game where you can run around as Mario would be pretty popular.

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