Nothing Brings ChatGPT to Its Wireless Earbuds and Phones

The collision course felt set a long time ago, but we're now getting “industry-first” wireless earbuds.

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Nothing Ear wireless earbuds

It was only a matter of time before ChatGPT entered the world of wireless earbuds.

Nothing’s audio products — including the newly announced Ear and Ear A — are bringing what the company calls an “industry-first” integration with ChatGPT that allows users who also own a Nothing Phone like the recently released Phone 2a to launch the chatbot with a pinch gesture on their Nothing earbuds.

“By integrating ChatGPT with Nothing earbuds, including the new Nothing Ear and Ear A, and with Nothing OS, we’ve taken our first steps towards change, and there’s more to come,” said Nothing CEO, Carl Pei, in a press release.

Nothing Like It

The integration won’t stop at wireless audio. Nothing says it will also introduce ChatGPT-powered features “at the system level” in Nothing OS. That integration will apparently power new AI screenshot sharing and widgets, and (I assume) more ChatGPT-aided abilities in the future.

There aren’t a ton of details on either integration yet, but ChatGPT’s introduction to Nothing’s audio products in particular feels like a natural progression.

Nothing OS will also get in on the new ChatGPT integration.


There are lots of applications for chatbots (large language models like ChatGPT), but one of the most obvious so far has been improving our long-stagnant array of voice assistants. By squeezing ChatGPT into a device like wireless earbuds that are with you on the go, already have microphones, and are almost always hooked up to your smartphone, the world’s most famous LLM could make a real difference.

And as for smartphones? Well, the new generation of AI is already well on its way to changing how we use our beloved phones. For Google and Samsung, that means generative AI-powered photo creation or features like those on the Pixel or other features like Circle to Search, which allows you to circle text on your phone and automatically conduct a web search.

Without trying Nothing’s ChatGPT features myself, it’s hard to say just how advanced or useful they are, but the precedent for AI actually making the smartphone experience better is already being set. Just ask Inverse Deputy Tech Editor, Raymond Wong, who fell in love with Samsung’s instant slo-mo feature for taking videos of his cat.

More to Come

Again, details on Nothing’s ambitions with a new ChatGPT integration are slim right now, but one thing I think we can bet on is more of such features in the future.

More surface-level forms of generative AI and chatbots on phones seem to be the future, and Nothing is one of several purveyors of phones that agrees. Another company that is looking to AI for an upgrade? Apple. While it hasn’t announced anything yet, its upcoming WWDC is expected to usher in its take on what generative AI and LLMs can do for modern smartphones and iOS.

As for Nothing? Well, it has its chance to offer its own take on the marriage between chatbots and phones before Apple sets the tone. The ChatGPT integration with Nothing OS is available starting today on Phone 2, while Phone 1 and Phone 2a will follow in late April. The ChatGPT integration with Nothing audio is also available starting today on Ear and Ear A — Nothing says it will be made available for all Nothing and CMF products in June.

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