One of the Switch’s Best Joy-Con Replacements Got a Major Upgrade

Who can say no to more buttons?

Crkd's Nitro Deck+ accessory

Joy-Cons may look great, but none of them are immune to eventual stick drift. As a result, you’re much better off upgrading your Nintendo Switch with Crkd’s Nitro Deck for better ergonomics and drift-proof joysticks. Or even better, Crkd’s latest accessory that improves on its previous design thanks to community input.

For one, the Nitro Deck+ replaces the Joy-Con setup with a beefier, more ergonomic shell where you no longer have to worry about grinding your joysticks down until they’re unusable.

The Nitro Deck+ will cost a little more at $69.99.


Adding Another Set of Buttons

The improved Nitro Deck+ gets two new buttons on the side of its joysticks. Crkd says these buttons will suit games that require quick reactions, but you can program them to do whatever you want. That’s on top of the four customizable buttons at the back of the Nitro Deck+.

The improved Nitro Deck+ design comes with a bunch of quality-of-life upgrades.


While we’re still getting those Hall effect joysticks to prevent stick drift, Crkd changed the orientation to a symmetrical layout that’s more similar to PlayStation’s controllers. For better quality of life, the Nitro Deck+ now gets a USB-C to HDMI adapter so you don’t have to remove your Switch from the deck if you want to play on a bigger screen.

In those scenarios where you need to unmount the Nitro Deck+, there’s now an easy eject system so you don’t have to put unnecessary pressure on the display when you’re trying to yank out your Switch. Crkd also went with an improved rumble motor that can be adjusted to your tastes.

We can’t forget that the Nitro Deck+ builds on all the great features that made its predecessor a hit. Crkd made sure to include adjustable trigger sensitivity, swappable joystick tops, gyro control compatibility, pass-through charging, and programmable modes like Turbo and No Deadzone Modes for its latest Nitro Deck design.

Looks like the Nitro Deck+ will only come in clear white and black colorways to start.


Slight Price Increase

The Nitro Deck+ is already up for preorder on Crkd’s website, starting at $69.99. Considering Crkd’s excellent taste when it comes to its collections, we’re expecting some more limited-edition colorways in the future. Right now, we only have clear white and clear black options but we’re not going to complain about more transparent colorways. Crkd is planning to start shipping its first Nitro Deck+ preorders beginning in late April so it may finally be time for you to ditch your Joy-Cons.

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