Nissan’s Wild EV Concept Has a Sci-Fi Dashboard That’s Straight out of Tron

Not surprising, coming from the makers of Gran Turismo.

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Nissan’s Hyper Force EV concept has to be one of the wildest car designs coming out of Japan Mobility Show 2023.

Resembling a mashup between a GT-R and the Cybertruck, the Hyper Force’s exterior will turn heads. But it’s the striking interior and dashboard that’s even more eye-catching. That’s, perhaps, not surprising since Nissan partnered up with Gran Turismo developers Polyphony Digital Inc. for the driving interface.

Nissan threw some harsh angles on a modern GTR body.


Along with the Hyper Force, Nissan also released a series of conceptual EVs to appeal to other demographics. There’s the Hyper Urban for city dwellers, the Hyper Adventure for the outdoorsy crowd, the Hyper Tourer for the road-trippers, and the Hyper Punk for the content creators.

Gran Turismo In Real Life

Polyphony Digital Inc. is best known for its photorealistic car recreations in Gran Turismo. But that doesn’t mean the developers lack any imagination. As you can see in the concept images, the Hyper Force’s interface goes for a cyberpunk vibe with color-changing lights and displays, depending on the mode it’s in.

Switch to the red R mode when you want to feel the EV’s full force.


In R mode, the interface turns red, moves its dashboard panels closer to you, and stacks four screens around the steering wheel to show you a ton of relevant car info like tire grip, air pressure, power distribution, and more. GT mode shifts everything to blue and pulls everything back for a more traditional cabin space meant for longer drives. Check it out for yourself below:

If you do get bored of obeying traffic and laws, you can throw on a custom helmet to drive in virtual reality instead — when the car is stopped, of course. The helmet also has an augmented reality feature where you can see digital ghosts when driving on a real-world track to race against others’ best times. For some odd reason, Nissan made an online game built within Fortnite that looks like a Subway Surfers ripoff. Not that anyone asked for it, but Nissan is really driving the gamer angle home.

The blue GT mode is a far more chill driving experience.


We don’t have high hopes any of Nissan’s EV concepts will ever become production cars, but the company does say that its five designs are meant to represent its future. That’s a bit of a bummer because being fairly behind with only the Nissan Leaf and Ariya, the automaker could stand to put some exciting EVs into production.

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